Nonprofit Partners Program

Previously known as West Ohio Conference Advance Specials, the UMFWO Nonprofit Partners Program includes faith-based 501(c)3 organizations that are focused on serving the needs of disenfranchised or marginalized groups; are located within the geographic boundaries of the West Ohio area and exclusively serve that area; and demonstrate a strong connection to the UMC. The goal of the program is to extend the redemptive love of Jesus Christ by helping high-impact, sustainable UM nonprofit organizations in West Ohio increase their capacity to serve marginalized and disenfranchised persons.  You can donate to any Foundation Nonprofit Partner online HERE.

The 2024 UMFWO Nonprofit Partners are as follows:


Kindway's programs and services are designed to assist its members on their journey from incarceraton to independence. Their mission is to invest in the lives of those impacted by incarceration, uniting people, restoring hope and honoring Christ. EMBARK is an innovative offender reentry program that works with men and women retruning to Central Ohio.  EQUIP provides Celebrate Recovery and Getting it Right programming for incarcerated men and women at Marion Correctional Institution, North Central Correctional Complex and the Ohio Reformatory for Women. Storybooks for Kids provides incarcerated men the opportunity to read and record books for their children and grandchildren. Fresh Starts provides a "going home" outfit for women being released from the Ohio Reformatory for Women. WOCAS#WOC007  Read more...

Toledo Mountain

Mountain Mentors serves teens from low income and otherwise "at risk" situations, exposing them to outdoor environments with monthly programming at parks and with a week in the White Mountains of New Hampshire as the highlight of the program. Each student is assigned a trained mentor. Mentors and students meet as a group on a monthly basis for training in wilderness and life skills...  Read more...

United Methodist Church and Community Development for All People:

In 1999, the United Methodist Free Store opened on the urban South side of Columbus. Its atmosphere of unconditional love and hospitality fostered the dream of a church “for all people” that would be intentionally cross-class, multi-racial and diverse, with a new model of service and worship that was “with” the poor, not just “for” the poor. Out of the relationships formed at the Free Store, the United Methodist Church for All People was formed in 2002 and Community Development for All People was founded the next year. From housing to health to music, its programs provide a model and inspiration for urban ministry and community development across the world, working to improve the quality of life for residents of the South side. Contact Mike Premo for more information at 614-445-7342, ext. 29 WOCAS #WOC005   Read more...

Wesley Chapel Mission Center:

Wesley Chapel Mission Center, located in Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine community, is an extension ministry of the United Methodist Church, created from the assets, resources, efforts, dreams and love of the members of the former Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church.  We serve the Over-The-Rhine community through spiritual nourishment and love, educational programs, and social/moral development to empower children and families to make sound and moral decisions, to grow spiritually and to progress educationally.  Wesley Chapel Mission Center is a guiding light and a trusted, loving, safe haven that empowers families in Over-The-Rhine, through their children, to demonstrate Christ-like decisions and behaviors that will transform the community. WOCAS #WOC006  Read more...

New Path, Inc.:

New Path, Inc. is serving people on the margins in Miami and Montgomery County by providing affordable alternatives to basic needs for those people struggling economically; and by providing a pathway to a more promising life by addressing some of the key issues of education, access to technology, stable housing, and safe neighborhoods.  Our approach is to leverage the resources of our extensive base of volunteers to fill the gap that low wage jobs, unemployment, disability or other life challenges may create. WOCAS #WOC013  Read more...

New Life Community Outreach

Over thirty years ago, New Life Community Outreach began its ministry at New Life UMC when volunteers began serving free breakfast on Sundays to their neighbors in the Columbus community. As years went by, the ministry continued to evolve as its volunteers recognized the growing needs in their local community. WOCAS #WOC015  Read more...

Serve City

Serve City is an unabashedly Christ-centered nonprofit, dedicated to uplifting their neighbors and community members in Hamilton, Ohio. Through their five main programs, Serve City is constantly working to provide the resources necessary to meet the needs of those in their community. One of their most popular programs is their Food Pantry, which is fully equipped with walk-in freezers and coolers to provide as much variety as possible for the individuals who come to shop. On average, they serve approximately 12,000 neighbors a year through their food pantry. WOCAS #WOC014  Read more...

The Advance: Participating Organizations serving Ohio

Organizations that are part of The Advance of the global UMC may not participate as UMFWO Nonprofit Partners, but we encourage support of these important organizations that serve Appalachian Ohio.
              GOOD WORKS, INC. Connecting people from all walks of life with the poor so the reign of God can be experienced.  Advance #194382
Creating partnerships to improve the quality of life within the Appalachian counties of Ohio. Advance #194431

Affiliated Organizations of the West Ohio Conference

Affiliated Organizations of the West Ohio Conference are not eligible for the UMFWO Nonprofit Partners Program but we encourage support of all WOC Affiliated Organizations including the following former Conference Advance Specials participant. You can find more information about these organizations on the home page of the WOC website.

Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio:

The mission of the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio is to provide appropriate and patient-centered pharmacy services for low-income, uninsured, and underinsured individuals in Franklin County. Services are provided at no charge.  Pharmacy staff and volunteers work to provide pharmacy services, and referrals to other health and social services, to the more than 1,750 patients that come to the Charitable Pharmacy each year by modeling Christ’s unconditional regard for all people and meeting their need for medicines and medication information. Contact Melanie Boyd at 614-227-0301 for more information.  WOCAS #WOC004  Read more...

To support any of these organizations, give online HERE. Or, you may send a check to Conference Advance Specials, 32 Wesley Blvd, Worthington, OH 43085, with the ministry's WOCCAS# and name in the Memo line.

To ensure your church receives Advance credit for any gifts to these Conference Advance Specials, please be sure to include the West Ohio Conference Advance Special number included with the description.