Monroe Street Neighborhood Center

The Monroe Street Neighborhood Center works in partnership with their local Toledo community to promote self-sufficiency, strengthen and enrich families and community ownership.. By embracing the call to be servants of Jesus, Monroe Street Neighborhood Center can meet individuals where they are in life through the various programs they offer. Through their Food Pantry, Dress Right, and Document’s Matter programs, individuals are invited to shop through their clothing closet, home goods closet, and food store, while accessing healthcare assistance, document recovery assistance (State ID’s, birth certificates, etc.) and fellowship. These three programs provide individuals with necessities to feel empowered and in control of their own lives, while also learning about Jesus. To help promote health and fitness, Monroe Street Neighborhood Center offers the Savvy Senior Wellness Program to individuals 50 years or older.

Monroe Street Neighborhood Center is proud to offer the opportunity for kids to further their cognitive and physical development by attending Freedom School in the summer. This 6-week summer program offers educational classes, and enriching activities like gardening, dancing, acting, cardio, cooking, art, local free trips, and more! Plus, Freedom School also provides the kids in their program with free breakfast and lunch. As a strong supporter of furthering the community’s access to education, Monroe Street Neighborhood Center offers an opportunity to support local educators through the Diverse Teachers Matter Fund. This Fund helps educators who live in Toledo by paying-off outstanding debt to a previous institution where they earned their education degree. The Center is in the process of launching a new initiative called, Bluff Street Village. This cutting-edge community housing project will offer residents in the Toledo community an opportunity to live in a Center-provided “Tiny House”. Residents of Bluff Street Village will experience the expectations of paying rent, being a homeowner, and how to be a contributing member of the community. Eventually, residents will be rewarded with the deed to their Tiny House.