Wesley Chapel Mission Center

The Wesley Chapel Mission Center (WCMC) is a structured and free after-school program that serves as a beacon of God’s love and guiding light for the Over-The-Rhine community. WCMC recognizes the critical importance of upliftinging and empowering youth, which is why they offer various age-specific educational and faith-based programs, to help develop social and moral skills. During the school year, WCMC serves as an after-school haven for students ranging from preschool through 12th grade. Separated into age specific teams, all children receive homework help, learn about Jesus, better their social abilities, and get involved with different community service projects. Also, during the school year and summer as well, WCMC offers two Saturday programming opportunities: STAR Club and Super Saturdays. The STAR Club is offered on Saturday mornings and is focused on Science/Technology/Arithmetic and Reading.  All children are welcomed to all programming with a snack/healthy meal and fellowship. During STAR the children are able to receive one to one academic and tutoring assistance.  In addition to STAR Club, WCMC offers Super Saturday’s once a month. The entire Over-The-Rhine community is fully encouraged to join in on Super Saturdays to enjoy crafts, ministry, games, and more.

The Wesley Chapel Mission Center is guided by the principles that Jesus Christ would like us to exemplify as a Ministry. One of the ways we reach and teach is through our Junior Assistance (JA) Program. Through this program, high school students are provided with on the job training by serving as mentors for the younger children in the WCMC’s programs. Not only is this an excellent example of leadership for the children they’re mentoring, but it also provides high school students with the opportunity to learn the employment process from applying for a job, interviewing and  the qualities that employers are seeking. Acting as God’s Hands and Feet, the WCMC furthers their calling of God’s work during the summer as they offer a Weekday Summer Camp and partnership with other nonprofits, schools, businesses and community organizations to for the youth to discover their path in life, as well as the pursuit of purpose.