Workers' Compensation

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Updates

  • Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation is going to be sending COVID relief funds.  See BWC News Release  attachment below for more details.
  • Many of you are making plans to say good bye to your pastor and to welcome a new pastor.  Please make sure your new pastor is covered under workers’ compensation.  For the clergy leaving your church, a U-117 form needs completed to remove the clergy person from being listed under your church.  To get the new clergy listed under your policy, a U-3s form needs to be filled out.  Both forms can be completed on-line at if you have an on-line account.  You can also print and complete the forms then mail them to address listed on the form.
  • Reminder:  each church with a workers’ compensation policy will be receiving a “true-up” form sometime in the month of May.  This form MUST be completed by every church, regardless of your payroll.  In July, you will receive a bill that covers July 1, 2021 thru June 30, 2022. 
  • As always, our Third-Party Administrator,  Sedgwick (614-376-5409), is available to assist with questions or concerns about workers’ compensation. 

Recommendation #15 from Annual Conference 2008 - Conference Wide Worker's Compensation Group

Worker's Comp Quick Reference Guide if your church has a pastoral change.There are 2 ways to take care of cleaning up those showing under elective coverage.1.  Fill out the form attached to your letter with the best cancelation date you can find

  • Fill out attached worksheet to cancel coverage for those who need to be canceled
  • Fill out a U-117 form to cancel all who should not be on the policy.
  • Submit an application for elective coverage (U-3S) to add the pastor/pastors that need to be added

2.  Set up an on-line password at and cancel all who should not be covered.

  • In order to set up an on-line account, you must have your policy number and your EIN number. 
  • Once  you get your sign-on, go to and sign on
  • Click on employers
  • Looking under policy information, click on Demographic information
  • Enter your policy number and click next
  • Clck the Elective Coverage link at the bottom of the page.
  • Cancel all you need to cancel
  • Add the pastor/pastors you need to add
  • Look under the forms tab for U-117
  • U-117 must also be completed to make sure all the pastors are taken off of your policy
  • You will receive a confirmation from Ohio BWC after all the changes are made.

Any time a pastor moves, you need to cancel them off your elective coverage, fill out the U-117 Form and add the new pastor with the U-3 Form.

Churches in Workers' Compensation Group as of July 2016

Workers’ Compensation FAQ from BWC Training Session held on August 9, 2023