Beloved in Christ Jesus:

It is with the greatest of ease that I say 'Thank You' for a wonderful Annual Conference. The days we spent by the lake were rich and meaningful. It feels like we got a lot done for the mission. Your thoughtfulness and kindness to me and Cynthia was and is heartwarming. Thank you for your generosity and love.

As we move forward into the next conference year, I want to invite your attention to a few things:

When I think back on the most recent Annual Conference session, one word that comes to mind is space. We created space for the fresh winds of the spirit through worship. Our work on “There is Enough for the Stranger” created space for congregations to respond with sensitivity and compassion to our neighbors. The “Fear Less” talks and the conversations that we had with one another about the church and human sexuality created space for knowing our stories. While time at conference is limited by design, the template or pattern can be used...continue reading