Beloved in Christ Jesus:
Recently gratitude for the gift of books has been stirring in me. Thanks be to God for writers, readers and publishers. A big shout out to parents and teachers that have taught us to read and inspired us to keep reading. Oh yes, I love Christmas and birthdays in part because often those who know me best gift me with a book or a gift card to buy one. I like the feel of a book in my hands and increasingly I am finding ease in reading books on a digital device. I have no excuse to keep up.
One of the really cool things for me is to get to read several book manuscripts in the course of a year and then write an endorsement of the work that might encourage others to acquire the volume and read it too. Since the first of this year I have been honored to read the drafts of the following titles and lend a word of endorsement for them. You will note that two of these are by authors who are clergywomen in the West Ohio...continue reading