Crucible has been designed to help clergy continue to grow spiritually and professionally. At Crucible sessions, clergy are taught core skills, qualities and characteristics for effective leadership. Crucible gives clergy the greatest opportunity for success in a variety of settings in partnership with their ministry leaders. The strengths and competencies are built upon four foundational pillars, each a focus at the four multi-day events.

  1. Personal Development:
    During this retreat, clergy learn practical skills and support necessary for the spiritual life   of the spiritual leader. They have the opportunity to gain awareness and stewardship over their health and wholeness emotionally, physically and spiritually. The scenic setting provides the environment for being apart and focusing on personal renewal in Christ.
  2. Leadership and Identity:
    The purpose of the leadership summit is to form and shape the character of each spiritual   leader. Clergy are guided in gaining confidence as leaders, directing ministry from strength and identity rooted in relationship with God. They cultivate skills as spiritual leaders, continuing to develop from the inside out in personal, social and performance mastery.
  3. Ministry Business and Marketplace Skills:
    At this point, students look at the business aspects of ministry, such as creating a   structure of leadership, conducting effective meetings, understanding finances and how to hire and fire paid and non-paid servants within the ministry. They also learn to develop and integrate a clear mission throughout the entire ministry.
  4. Cultural Context:
    The final event focuses on the clergy leader's ability to understand the culture and community to which they have been appointed. The intent is that clergy leaders may become able and confident in God's call to discern and meet the needs of the people in their community. Whether regional, ethnic or generational, participants learn to lead with a relevant perspective in a culture which may be different than their own.

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East Ohio Conference UMC & West Ohio Conference UMC
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West Ohio Conference Center
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32 Wesley Blvd, Worthington OH 43085
Susan Thomas