Doing justice-involved ministry is hard. Leading it is even harder. All In Community provides an anchor of support and guidance on the journey. All In Community Leadership Labs are environments for Matthew 25 co-laborers who minster with justice-involved persons and/or who are transforming their own justice-involved journey. Together, we are learning and growing in our mission of restoring hope, supporting journeys toward healing, and transforming lives and communities to reflect Kingdom values of justice and belonging.

Led by justice-involved persons and All In Community leaders. All Leadership Labs provide theological exploration, reflective practices, tools and resources, and mutual learning environments for more affective leadership. Breakfast and lunch are provided.


In the Personal Leadership Lab, our focus will be on identifying, or re-discovering, the personal values from which we lead and our barriers to leading from our values. In the afternoon, we will discover our Working Genius. Everyone has two God-given geniuses that are our “sweet spots” for finding meaning and joy in our ministry labors. Knowing our geniuses and the geniuses of those we lead helps us be good stewards of God’s people.

Cost to Attend: AIC Leadership Labs are free. A hospitality offering is greatly appreciated.

For information on our other two labs: Collaborative Leadership and Community Leadership, click here.

Location Name
West Ohio Conference
Location Address
32 Wesley Boulevard, Worthington, OH
Reba Collins