During this year’s in-person West Ohio Annual Conference, a truck will be on-site on June 1 to collect items for Midwest Mission Distribution Center, our North Central Jurisdiction UMCOR Depot. Midwest Mission distributes supplies to people in need across the U.S., especially in the wake of a disaster.

This year’s collection will focus on three items:

  • Completed UMCOR Hygiene Kits (see instructions here) – please do not bring loose items
  • Laundry Detergent (100-150 oz. size)
  • Shampoo (12-19 oz. bottles)

The items can be brought in boxes or bags to the Midwest Mission truck, which will be located in front of the Dayton Convention Center on Thursday, June 1 only.

If your group or church has items they would like to send, please coordinate with your pastor or lay members who will be attending annual conference.

For more information, contact mgrace@wocumc.org

UMCOR Hygiene Kit Assembly