Crucible exists to strengthen and revitalize the community of spiritual leaders within the West Ohio Conference. As part of the pathway for Clergy Leadership Formation, Crucible is a two-year program that provides training in necessary skills for personal and ministry growth and prosperity. Its name alone reflects Crucible's purpose as a tool for searching, testing and refining every aspect of its participants. Read more.

Missional Church Consultation Initiative

First launched in 2011, the West Ohio Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI) resources churches and their pastors with an intensive consultation and clergy coaching model designed to intervene in local churches that are currently plateaued, are in decline, or are on the way "up" but not sure what should come next -- and have the pastoral leadership and potential resources to jumpstart a new life cycle of ministry fruitfulness. Read more.

Undergraduate Internships

West Ohio's Next Generation Leadership Ministry Intern program is for undergraduate students interested in exploring a call to United Methodist ordained ministry. The 10-week paid summer internship allows selected mentors and host churches to play a critical role in the experience of each assigned intern discerning a call to ordained ministry. Each mentor and host church will develop a relationship with the assigned intern that will help the intern cultivate leadership skills for effective ministry in a local church.