Is your church trying to work through difficult or polarizing topics?

As a church, have you shared in painful experiences that are not yet healed?

Are you wanting to build community within your congregation, among ministry teams, and/or with people in your local community?

Is there conflict within the church or among the leadership that is distracting from the mission of the church?

Are there times during meetings or small group discussions when some voices are dominant and other voices are silent?

Grief, conflict, and trauma are part and parcel of life, even in the church. As a people of the resurrection, we know that Scripture is replete with stories of God bringing new life out of chaos, conflict, and death. As disciples of the Prince of Peace, the good news is that peacebuilding is at the heart of the mission and ministry of Jesus. The One who has reconciled the world to himself through Christ has given us the ministry of reconciliation. [2 Cor 5:18]

And so, Transformation Facilitators are equipped to work with you and your church. Resourced by the West Ohio Regional Missional Specialists, we can help you learn how to engage in meaningful dialogue, create a space for all voices to be heard, provide opportunities to learn and grow, and build stronger relationships so that trust can be built.

If you are interested in working with a Transformation Facilitator, please contact your District Office or District Superintendent.