A native of Kalemie, Democratic Republic of Congo, Jeanne Ntambo earned an associate degree in accounting from the Institut Kitumaini and an associate's degree in economics from the University of Lubumbashi. She received a diploma in accounting from Institut Kitokeji in Kamina. Jeanne's husband, Gaston Ntambo, grew up in Kamina, DRC. Gaston earned associate degrees in accounting and piloting from Davis College in Toledo, OH. He received a mechanic's certificate from the Michigan Institute of Aeronautics in Detroit, MI. Prior to his commissioning as a GBGM missionary, Gaston served as an assistant and secretary with the United Methodist Church in Lumbumbashi, DRC. Gaston's father is retired Bishop Ntambo Nkulu of the North Katanga Conference. Jeanne & Gaston have five children: Andy Nkulu, Lorree Nkulu, Gabriel Kahenga, Noah Kabove, and Eileen.


Jeanne Ntambo is the radio operator for Wings of the Morning, an aviation ministry in the DRC. Imagine a country with no weather service or air traffic control—this is the reality in the Congo. While Gaston flies to save people's lives, Jeanne updates him on weather and other safety matters. Jeanne provides the technical assistance needed to keep Gaston safe, especially during the rainy season, so that lives can be saved. Jeanne also runs the guest house for patients after they leave the hospital. Gaston Ntambo is the pilot for North Katanga Wings of the Morning in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In a land where there are no roads, Gaston provides emergency air transportation to the critically ill and injured, distributes medical and other supplies to village clinics, and transports pastors and missionaries to remote areas, including areas being reclaimed following the war. Gaston says, "I believe God is using me as a tool to reach out and save lives."

How You Can Help

By supporting Jeanne & Gaston, you can save the lives of people living in poverty across the North Katanga Conference. Like all United Methodist missionaries, Jeanne & Gaston are responsible for raising their own support through covenant relationships with individuals, groups, and congregations. To support the Ntambos, donate online here, or send a check to West Ohio Conference, 32 Wesley Blvd, Worthington, OH 43085, with 'Jeanne Ntambo, #14176Z' or 'Gaston Ntambo, #14177Z' in the Memo line.