Disability Awareness Speakers

To request a speaker for Disability Awareness Sunday, please contact directly any of the speakers listed below.

Sue Hey
My name is Sue Hey and I have been an occupational therapist in the schools working with children with disabilities for 28 years. When I heard that families were not welcome at some churches because of their child's disability,it motivated me to start Special Friends at Stillwater UMC in 2014. My passion is to help equip other churches with the simple and inexpensive means to honor Jesus's call to bring ALL children to him. I will walk alongside of you as a consultant to assist in your individual and unique needs in developing a disability ministry. Email: OT4Jesus@aol.com

Zach Holler
Rev. Zach Holler is a Provisional Member of the West Ohio Conference on the Elder track.  He currently serves as an Associate Pastor at Waverly Grace UMC in the Shawnee Valley district where he is working to develop connections with the community, including agencies serving people affected by disabilities and mental health. Zach also serves as co-chair of the West Ohio Conference Disability and Ministry Committee, a team dedicated to developing resources for churches across the conference who are exploring inclusive ministry. Zach has led a number of outreach ministries including worship gatherings at long-term care facilities and adult day programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. He has also provided a number of worship experiences in churches such as gentle worship services to accommodate individuals affected by sensory overload, learning disabilities, and short attention span. When visiting other churches as a speaker, the themes of Zach’s messages range from a Biblical view of inclusion to practical application for inclusive ministry. Email: zacharyholler88@gmail.com

Kirsty Jones
Kirsty Jones specializes in Disability in the Bible and is working on her PhD in this area. She also teaches a program in disability ministry at United Theological Seminary, and has extensive experience in disability ministry practice. She is able to speak with slightly more of an academic bent on biblical texts (particularly Old Testament texts), elucidating their meaning in context and their application for the contemporary church. Possible sermon themes include multi-sensory meaning in the Psalms; Samson; Mephibosheth, duty and desire; and Moses and leadership. Email: klj50@georgetown.edu

Amanda Stufflebeam
Amanda Stufflebeam is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Christian Education. She volunteers in various capacities at her local church, Lancaster First UMC. She also volunteers with the Capital Area South district as a Safe Sanctuaries Trainer. She has an adult disabled daughter, and cares for several other family members full-time. Amanda is a staunch advocate for families who have children with disabilities, both younger and adult. She can speak about the care of people with disabilities in the church, and specifically what it is like to experience a disability and navigate the church environment. Amanda is willing to share her journey as a woman that has a disability herself, and how the church can help both caregivers and the disabled navigate their own church involvement and employment. She has a special message on hiding a disability in plain sight, which is her personal testimony. Email: Notes2Amanda@hotmail.com

Rose Darling
Rose M Darling is a Church & Community Engagement Coordinator with Flat Rock Homes, a nonprofit, social services organization serving individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. She frequently visits churches with heartwarming messages of hope, transformation, and faith. Her presentations range from a six-eight minute interactive disabilities awareness overview, to a 15-20 minute biblically-based message/sermon. Rose’s varied background encompasses church relations, healthcare services, print journalism, and church ministries such as music and Christian education, and the development of special ministry tools for individuals with various dementias. She holds a BA, and two master’s degrees/certificates, and received training as an activities coordinator in which disabilities awareness is a large part. Rose became a certified lay speaker while serving a UMC in Canton, OH. Email: Rdarling@flatrockhomes.org

Mimi Luebbers

Mimi is the parent of an adult son with an intellectual/developmental disability. She is graduating from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO) with a Master of Arts in Practical Theology, specializing in Disability and Ministry, on May 22, 2021. She currently represents the North Central Jurisdiction of the UMC Disability Ministries Committee, and co-chairs the Disability & Ministry Team for the West Ohio Conference. Her presentation is a distinctively Wesleyan introduction to Disability and Ministry through the theological lenses of Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience. The "crash course" takes about 15-20 minutes, while the more detailed version could last approximately 45-60 minutes. Email: mimiluebbers@gmail.com

Kati Glover and Mimi Luebbers

Kati and Mimi met while students at Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO). Kati is completing a Master of Divinity degree, and is the 2020 recipient of the Nystrand Award in Homiletics. Together, Kati and Mimi bring a light-hearted introduction to "The Ten Commandments of Etiquette for Communicating with Persons with Disabilities," followed by a brief message on the integration of persons with disabilities within the local church community (approximately 20-30 minutes). Email: mimiluebbers@gmail.com

Sherri Buehl

Sherri Buehl is a United Methodist Deaconess commissioned in 2012 to fulfill a call of Love, Justice, and Service. Sherri and her husband, Rev. Ted Buehl, have been serving churches and non-profits of the East Ohio Conference (EOC) since 2005. They are now living in Huron County. Due to God’s call and her growing passion for missions, Sherri left her corporate job and began her nonprofit career at Ohio Guidestone, a Health & Welfare Agency, followed by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, and most recently served at the Epworth Center, an EOC Mission Center. In July 2019, Sherri joined the team at Flat Rock Homes as one of two Church & Community Engagement Coordinators. Sherri enjoys being a spokesperson, visiting churches, corporations, and civic organizations to advocate for those who need us most. Her passion is facilitating retreats and workshops on Spiritual Gifts & Service along with other faith-based topics, encouraging everyone to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Email: SBuehl@flatrockhomes.org