Council On Finance And Administration

Description:  The purpose of CFA is to develop, maintain, and administer a comprehensive and coordinated plan of fiscal and administrative policies, procedures, and managment services for the annual conference.

Upcoming focused priorities:  Upcoming denominational changes will impact the financial capacity of the Conference.  Understanding our current financial position, our priorities and projected resources will be necessary to provide needed conference leadership.

Desired experiences/skills: Large organization thinking, financial administration, human resource administration, technology, budgeting, and leadership development.  Good candidates will have the ability understand how CFA’s decisions and responsibilities advance them mission of the Conference.

Time commitment:  CFA meets four or five times each year for one to two hours.  Preparation time for each meeting is about the same.  From time to time ad hoc committees are created to address episodic matters.

Meetings:  Meetings historically have been in person on Tuesday mornings beginning at 10:00.  Zoom has proven effective since COVID.  Going forward there will likely be a combination of zoom and in-person meetings.  CFA meets in September, November, January, March and June.