Description:  This committee’s role is to be a support to the bishop as he leads the conference(s). We are available to the bishop for counsel, determining the needs of the episcopal area.  We keep the bishop appraised or any conditions or concerns that the bishop should be aware of and provide external communication, as needed.

We provide the Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy the needs of the West Ohio Conference that are taken into consideration during the appointment process of the bishops.  This committee also administers and engaging in conversation with the bishop regarding professional development and growth.

The committee is also responsible for completing the evaluation of the bishop that is administered by the Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy.  The committee covers anything that relates to episcopal matters and concerns of the bishop and spouse.

There are four sub-committees, and each member must serve on at least one of the committees.  The committees are Evaluation and Leadership, Interpretation and Communication, Profile and Transition.

The Transition committee will be essential to creating a smooth transition for an incoming /outgoing bishop.   A detailed description of our committee is found in the BOD 637.

Upcoming focused priorities:  

• Caring for any concerns that the bishop may have.
• Supportive of key initiatives of the bishop.
• Being supportive of the bishop as he leads two conferences.
• The direction of jurisdictional responsibilities and how bishops may be assigned.
• The future state of the United Methodist Church and its impact on the West Ohio Conference.

Desired experience/skills:  The skills/experiences listed below would benefit the committee, this is not to say that all these skills need to be in one person.

• Knowledge and or experience in executive leadership in a large organization
• Background in human resources can be helpful
• Compassion, Caring and Empathy
• Open-mindedness, and innovative thinking
• Integrity and respectfulness
• Problem-solving skills
• Effective communicator
• Data analysis skills are useful
• Someone who is detail oriented

Time commitment:  The BOD requires that the committee meets twice a year. Our committee typically meets 3 to 4 times a year as a group. However, sub-teams meet as required. The Evaluation sub-team may meet an additional 3 -5 times in preparation and administration of their role.  The transition team will most likely meet several times to ensure that a successful transition of the incoming and outgoing bishops.

Meetings:  Our meetings are virtual at this time, and typically take place around lunch time on a weekday.  The meetings can last between 1 – 3 hours, depending on the nature of the meeting. Typically, the meetings average 2 hours.