Description:  This board attends to clergy benefits, including pension, UMPIP, active and retiree health, and medical disability.  It is also broadly focused on clergy wellness.  This board approves benefits for conference and district lay employees as well.

Upcoming focused priorities:  The active health insurance program is financially challenging for participants, churches and the appointive cabinet.  Attention needs paid to better ways to deliver a health insurance benefit at costs more leveled across  individual, married and family plans.

Desired experiences/skills:  The best board members demonstrate a balance of analytical and subject matter expertise and genuine interest in the well being of clergy and lay persons affected by the board’s decisions.

Time commitment:  4 or 5 meetings per year that each last about 2 hours.  Prep time is about the same.  Total annual time commitment 25-30 hours for a fully engaged member.  

Meetings:  Meetings generally take place on week days late morning.  Historically they were in person but zoom if proving effective.  Mid-June, late September, mid-November, and February are certain meeting months, driven by insurance renewals and annual conference calendar.