Description:  We plan the worship services that happen in conjunction with the Annual Conference Session.

Here are our expectations of members:

1. Be present at our meetings
2. Be prayerful in all of our work
3. Be open to and value each voice that we may work together collaboratively and creatively
4. Be flexible and willing to do whatever is needed to accomplish our work (working outside of our meetings when necessary)
5. Honor the vision and focus given by our Bishop
6. Be mindful of the diversity of the Annual Conference (styles, traditions, theology, language, etc.)
7. Honor one another’s unique gifts
8. Honor tradition while being open to a fresh movement of the Holy Spirit

Upcoming focused priorities:  These are the values that guide our work:

1. Representative

  • Visibility of the diversity of our Conference in leadership
  • Delegate and get people involved outside of our team

2. Discerning spirit

  • To know God’s presence and trust in the Spirit to guide
  •  Be open to process, diversions, and change as the work of the Holy Spirit, understanding that the Spirit works in the long game and the short game!
  • Prayer to ungird our work and those offering themselves to that work

3. Flexibility

4. Inclusive

  • Honor the diversity of our conference
  • Include a great deal of diversity in worship leadership
  • Recognize that our diversity is a strength.
  • Develop worship experiences that draw on various learning modalities.

5. Excellence

  • Strive for worship that honors and gives glory to God and edify the people
  • Limit unnecessary distractions
  • Continuity throughout the different worship services

6. Respect

  • Trust that others’ values are important
  • Trust the Spirit of God in each person on the team
  • Assume good will from one another

7. Creativity

  • Openness to fresh ideas
  • Flexibility with creative styles of approaching Worship
  • Accept the notion that change is allowed, if we find a “better” or more creative way to meet a goal

8. Integrity

  • Keep our commitments to one another and the work

Desired experiences/skills:  Planning Worship; Music; Liturgical Arts; Creativity; Administrative Skills; Flexible

Time commitment:  We ask each person to attend all meetings.  These meetings take 3-4 per month from October-March.  During Annual Conference, we hope that each person can be present to assist in any way that may be needed.

Meetings:  Meetings generally take place during working hours.  Traditionally, meetings had been in person; however, most are by Zoom right now.