Lay Servant Ministries Director Passes the Flame

The West Ohio Conference is celebrating the ministry of Tracy Chambers, who served as Lay Servant Ministries Director from 2017-2021. Chambers is continuing to fulfill her calling to serve Jesus Christ by pursuing certification as a candidate for ordination as an Elder. She also works for intercultural competence through pastoral care and social justice with All in Community, West Ohio’s ministry to equip and connect laity and clergy to embrace our church members, families, and friends impacted by crime and incarceration. “Lay Servant Ministries and the Certified Lay Minister Academy firmed and affirmed my life's spiritual foundation and brought me beautifully into relationship with our dearly beloved Christ,” Chambers says. Thank you, Tracy Chambers for your gifted leadership!

West Ohio is also excited to announce the election of a new Director of Lay Servant Ministries, Kathy Haynes Moore. Moore is a member of Braden United Methodist Church in Toledo, Maumee Watershed District, and was certified as a Lay Minister at the 2016 West Ohio Annual Conference. She has been a Lay Speaker since the early 2000s and has served in ministry with her husband, retired Elder Roland Moore, across East and West Ohio for over 40 years. Moore has a passion for encouraging all people to seek and find God. She is a Prayer Warrior and enjoys social engagement with all age groups. She is a sought-after speaker and leader of faith-based studies and has taught at Mission U, Lay Servant courses, women’s retreats, United Methodist Women (United Women in Faith), and Bible studies. Moore has also preached at various churches throughout the conference.

Welcome, Kathy Moore to this new role in the West Ohio Conference!