The 2023 Leadership Training Day hosted by Northwest Plains and Maumee Watershed Districts will feature a keynote by Rev. Dr. Tim Bias, Superintendent of Capitol Area North and South Districts. Workshops will help participants explore different aspects of our disciple-making journey.

Keynote "Disciples Who Make Disciples" - Rev. Dr. Tim Bias

Using scripture, stories, and questions, Tim invites you on a journey of hope exploring the challenges and opportunities of disciple-making today so you can be a disciple who makes disciples. 

Schedule for the Day

8:30      Fellowship & Check-in
9:00      Opening
9:15      Keynote Address with Tim Bias
10:45    Morning Workshops
12:15    Lunch and Fellowship
1:00      Afternoon Workshops 


Leading Disciples Who Make Disciples - Rev. Dr. Tim Bias, Superintendent Capital Areas North & South
As a leader, you are in a unique position to facilitate disciple-making. Explore scripture, stories, and the unique role you play as a leader in animating a disciple-making movement in your local community. (This workshop is offered morning only.)

Innovative Ministry & Discipleship from a Rural Perspective - Tyler Kleeberger, author, pastor at Metamora UMC
Exploring the sociological and theological perspective of rural churches as well as practical ministry and discipleship ideas for the context of those attending the session. 

Inside Out Spiritual Formation – led by Rev. Trevor Wright, pastor at Findlay Journey at Christ Church
Jesus & the mystics gave us a picture of spiritual formation that is entirely different from the American Church today. This workshop will explore some ancient practices and perspectives that capture the essence of spiritual formation that moves us from inside out as we deepen our understanding of being disciples. How can we alter our course and practice inside out spiritual formation?

Igniting Lay Ministry – led by Julie Carter, Director of Outreach Ministry at Sylvania First UMC
How does living in a Fear+ less culture free our congregations to explore the community around them?  How does leading with curiosity, wonder, and empathy impact our world view?  What possibilities arise when we see each other’s giftedness?  Learn about the internal work experienced in the Fear + less Congregations Initiative.  Begin seeing and hearing differently.

Scriptural Evangelism - Rev. Jennifer Miller, pastor at Napoleon St Paul's & Sharon UMC
The E word has become a dirty word in most parts of our country but in Matthew we see Jesus giving the disciples the Great Commission to go and spread the Gospel.  They were the first and they led people to Christ by the thousands. Somewhere along the way our society has lost sight of what the E words really means.  Instead, we see everything from beating people over the head with the bible to people just staying silent, afraid of saying the wrong thing.  Join us to set the record straight and learn what a difference true scriptural evangelism can make!

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Hosted by Northwest Plains and Maumee Watershed Districts
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St Marks United Methodist Church
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800 S Main St, Findlay, OH 45840