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Below you will find the recent appointments made by Bishop Palmer and the Appointive Cabinet for the current calendar year. To view/download the Appointment Sheet that was distributed during annual conference, please click here. If you have any questions, please email kcorbitt [at] wocumc [dot] org (subject: Recent%20Appointment%20Inquiry) (Karen Corbitt), Executive Secretary to the Bishop.

April, 2014         
Pastor Church/Charge District Effective
Anderson, Todd Hilliard CAS 07/01/14
Crego, Beth Ann North Bend UMC ORV 07/01/14
Day, James Sulphur Grove (Associate) MIV 04/15/14
Emerson, Roger Paulding   NWP 07/01/14
Graves, Joseph Athens Central (Associate) FTH 07/01/14
Harnish, Samuel Hamilton Park Ave. ORV 07/01/14
Herington, Kathleen Whitehall CAN 07/01/14
Irwin, Casey Ann Perrysburg Grace (Associate) MWD 07/01/14
Jones, Carrie Clark’s Chapel FTH 05/01/14
Kaylor, Debbie Felicity ORV 07/01/14
Kelly, Brandon Benton Ridge NWP 04/15/14
Lewis, Gerald Florida/Independence MWD 07/01/14
Maurice-Saum, Lindy Hope MWD 07/01/14
McGlade, Eric Perrysburg First MWD 07/01/14
Mershimer, Gerald Londonderry SHV 04/13/14
Mullinix, Jeffrey Glenwood CAS 07/01/14
Payne, Joseph Defiance St. Paul NWP 07/01/14
Smith, Kate Faith Community (Resident) ORV 07/01/14
Thomas, Georgeanne Shade FTH 04/15/14
Thomas, Sara Maize Manor CAN 05/15/14
Ward, Dana Bowling Green Trinity MWD 07/01/14
Ward, Lilanthi Aldersgate MWD 07/01/14
Waugh, John Rome SHV 04/01/14
Wells, Gene Brecon ORV 07/01/14
Wolfe, Serena Athen Central (Associate) FTH 04/01/14
Wurster, Ann Norwood Grace ORV 07/01/14
Zuvers, Larry Williams Center Charge NWP 07/01/14
March, 2014         
Pastor Church/Charge District Effective
Blevins, Jesse West Franklin/Pioneer MWD 07/01/14
Brehm, Leland Wellston Hope SHV 07/01/14
Carman, Scott Weston & Grand Rapids Calvary MWD 07/01/14
Clark, Laura Ann Derby –Five Points CAS 07/01/14
Coldwell, Richard Newtown ORV 07/01/14
Dafler, Barbara Lima St. Mark’s NWP 07/01/14
Daniels, Dorian Mt. Washington ORV 07/01/14
Dantzler, Kenneth Clark St. & Salem, Toledo MWD 03/15/14
Frank, Judie Luckey Zion (Interim) MWD 04/01/14
Haines, Amy NWP Assistant to the District Superintendent  NWP 07/01/14
Hood, David Shiloh Associate @ Price Hill (Interim) ORV 05/01/14
Jordy, Kevin Decatur UMC/Decatur Presbyterian SHV 04/01/14
Kuhlman, Mark Bradner & Wayne MWD 07/01/14
Lucas, Jennifer Church of the Saviour ORV 07/01/14
Miller, Chris Hoffman MIV 03/15/14
Phillips, Johnny Owensville ORV 07/01/14
Picardo, Rosario Ginghamsburg (Associate) MIV 07/01/14
Rakay, Richard Delphos J.U.M.P NWP 07/01/14
Raypholtz, Michael LaRue CAN 07/01/14
Reeves, Timothy Bethel ORV 07/01/14
Richards, John Portsmouth Christ SHV 07/01/14
Riggs, Rick Middleburg CAN 07/01/14
Ritchie, Rodney Mt. Tabor NWP 07/01/14
Rode, Gary Sharonville ORV 07/01/14
Rudisill, J. Stephen Miamisburg Parkview MIV 07/01/14
Rudisill, J. Stephen Christ Kettering (Associate-Interim) MIV 03/15/14
Staley, Barbara Pemberton MIV 03/15/14
Tomlinson, Mary Ann Malta FTH 07/01/14
Troy, Linda Deerfield ORV 07/01/14
Trumbull, Chris McGonigle-Millville Darrtown ORV 07/01/14
Vinson, Brian Missionary Church Planter, Zambia Ext Min 07/01/14
Waugh, Tim ORV Assistant to the District Superintendent  ORV 07/01/14
Wright, Matthew Water’s Edge ORV 07/01/14
February, 2014         
Pastor Church/Charge District Effective
Arnold, Cheryl Marietta Christ (Associate) FTH 03/01/14
Baughman, Barry Findlay St. Pauls NWP 07/01/14
Bentley, William Fosteria Wesley MWD 07/01/14
Burns, Barry NWP District Superintendent NWP 07/01/14
Drake, Raponzil St. Paul ORV 03/01/14
Frampton, Jeffrey Fairmont ORV 01/01/14
Fugate, Edward Marl CAS 07/01/14
Grigsby, Jerry Toledo ORV 01/01/14
Grover, Tad Community Circleville CAS 07/01/14
Haupt, Matthew Evangelical Greenville MIV 03/01/14
Hood, David Shiloh ORV 07/01/14
Johns, Cathy Hyde Park (Co-Pastor) ORV 07/01/14
Johns, Douglas Hyde Park (Co-Pastor) ORV 07/01/14
Kollmann, Jonathan Mt. Healthy (Interim) ORV 03/01/14
LaFond, Caleb Ironton (Associate) SHV 07/01/14
Leary, Claudine MTSO Coordinator of Development   Ext Min 07/01/14
Malcosky, Michael Vandalia MIV 07/01/14
Martin, Bradley Liberty Chapel MWD 07/01/14
Meeker, Scott Butlerville ORV 01/01/14
Middelberg, Linda MWD District Superintendent MWD 07/01/14
Miller, Dennis FTH District Superintendent FTH 07/01/14
Mohler, Dennis Grove City CAS 07/01/14
Mullen, Dennis California-Columbia ORV 01/01/14
Ogle, Colleen King Ave. (Associate) CAN 07/01/14
Roper, Jocelyn MIV District Superintendent MIV 07/01/14
January, 2014        
Pastor Church/Charge District Effective
Billups, Rachael Ginghamsburg (Associate) MIV 07/01/14
Botts, Alethea Pomeroy New Beginnings FTH 03/01/14
Brantley, Karen Trinity, Upper Arlington/WOC  CAN 01/01/14
Bustos, Juan Glenwood & Whitehall Hispanic    CAS/N 02/10/14
Heckaman, Christopher Trinity, Upper Arlington CAN 07/01/14
Henderson-Johns, Chris Mt. Moriah ORV 07/01/14
Henderson-Johns, Nicole  Batavia Faith ORV 07/01/14
Hurlburt, Beverly St. Mary's Grace/Walnut Grove NWP 07/01/14
Kraner, Jon St. Mary's Wayne NWP 07/01/14
Lowell, Ben Rawson New Hope NWP 07/01/14
Mullen, Denny California/Columbia ORV 01/01/14
Pease, Lynn Amlin (Secondary Appointment) CAS 01/01/14
Schultz, Char Church of the Master (Associate) CAN 02/01/14
Sherer, Angie Pataskala CAS 07/01/14
Staats, Gary Rawson New Hope (Interim) NWP 11/04/13
Sugarbaker, David Manchester SHV 01/15/14
Weatherly, Steven Greater Leipsic, Multi-Site Parish  NWP 07/01/14


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