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Below you will find the recent appointments made by Bishop Palmer and the Appointive Cabinet for the current calendar year beginning July 1. Appointments made prior to the 2014 Annual Conference are listed in the 2014 Annual Conference Appointment Report. If you have any questions, please email kcorbitt [at] wocumc [dot] org (subject: Recent%20Appointment%20Inquiry) (Karen Corbitt), Executive Secretary to the Bishop. 

January, 2015
Pastor Charge/Church District Effective
Hensley, Darlene Spring Valley MIV 01/01/15
Kelly, Brett Benton Ridge Zion NWP 01/25/15
Porath, David Sidney First (Associate) MIV 01/01/15
Reese, Chris Medway (Associate) MIV 01/15/15
Sharrett, James Carey (Interim) NWP 01/18/15
December, 2014
Pastor Charge/Church District Effective
Bael, Joel Prospect Street (Interim) CAN 01/05/15
Beattie, Sharon Church of the Messiah (Interim-Associate) CAN 12/01/14
Brown, Marla Scott Trinity/Union (Interim) MWD 02/01/15
Currier, Katherine Church of the Messiah (Associate) CAN 02/01/15
Dailey, Eric Bryan Faith  NWP 03/15/15
Elliot, Peter Broad St (New Church Start) CAN 01/01/15
Gault, Glenn West Liberty (Associate) NWP 12/05/14
Grace, Ryan Maize Manor CAN 12/01/14
Hardman, Randy Union Furnace FTH 02/01/15
Lehman, Therese Prospect Street CAN 07/01/15
Magee, Penny Mt Washington ORV 01/15/15
Morrow, Robert Havehill (Interim) SHV 12/07/14
Payne, Dennis Centenary CAN 03/01/15
Sharrett, James Benton Ridge Calvary (Interim) NWP 12/01/14
St Peter, Susan Malinta MWD 01/11/15
Strickland, Ian NCS ORV 03/01/15
Weber, Brian Marietta Norwood/Faith Charge FTH 01/11/15
Woo, Yongchoel Korean Madisonville  ORV 01/22/15
November, 2014
Pastor Charge/Church District Effective
Davis, James Franklin Furnace SHV 11/15/14
Fruechtemeyer, Donald Hamilton Grace (Interim) ORV 11/15/14
Gerber, Grace Christian Endeavor CAS 12/01/14
Kiger, Daniel Prospect St CAN 11/16/14
Mason, Kevin Island Creek SHV 11/15/14
Rode, Phil Nation Chapel MIV 01/01/15
Sharp, Jason Laurel Spring Grove ORV 01/01/15
Smith, Ervin Centenary (Interim) CAN 01/01/15
Thomas, Sara General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) Ext 12/01/14
Waugh, John Liberty Chapel Scrub Ridge SHV 11/15/14
Welch, Danny McColm Chapel SHV 11/15/14
October, 2014
Pastor Charge/Church District Effective
Cook, Patricia Anderson St Mark, Louisville KY   09/01/14
Peaks, Donnetta Easton (New Church Start) CAN 01/01/15
September, 2014
Pastor Charge/Church District  Effective 
Adams, Judith Tuppers Plains St Paul & Little Hocking FTH 09/14/14
Pereira, Jurandir Whitehall & Church of Good Shepherd CAN 09/15/14
Bustos, Juan St Mark & Glenwood Hispanic Ministries  CAS 09/15/14
Engle, Wayne Ostrander/New Dover (Interim) CAN 10/01/14
Gallaher, Larry Ross Community  ORV 08/10/14
Gruver, Kevin Reynoldsburg (Congregational Care) CAS 09/01/14
Harris, Chris Abbottsville MIV 10/01/14
Heft, Elizabeth Ginghamsburg MIV 09/01/14
Johnson, Cindee Johnstown CAS 10/01/14
Kirchner, Kyle Springfield Faith MIV 10/01/14
Kochensperger, Eileen Middle Creek NWP 11/01/14
McLeod, Sean Morral CAN 08/15/14
Milterberger, Tony       Centerville  MIV  11/01/14
Pagura, David Reynoldsburg (Missions) CAS 09/01/14
Piatt, Becky Bexley CAN 09/15/14
Reed, Elizabeth Mt Nebo Associate SHV 10/01/14
Reed, Mark Worthington CAN 09/15/14
Reese, Chris Medway MIV 09/01/14
Robertson, Euggle Trinity Associate SHV 10/01/14
Saunders, James Tarlton-South Perry FTH 10/01/14
Sharp, Erica Ginghamsburg MIV 09/01/14
Sowers, John Saltillo FTH 10/01/14
Swisher, Stephen Epiphany ORV 10/01/14
Wallace, John Church of the Savior CAN 10/01/14
Williams, Darryl Higher Ground MIV 09/01/14
July, 2014
Pastor Charge/Church District  Effective
Dunham, Jennifer Logan New Hope FTH 07/15/14
Ervin, Doug Locust Corner ORV 07/06/14
Gardner, Greg Community SHV 07/15/14
Mershimer, Gerald Londonderry SHV 07/15/14
Pagura, David Chatham Charge CAS 07/01/14
Pinkerman, Brian Finley Chapel SHV 07/15/14
Waugh, John Island Creek (Interim)                      SHV 07/01/14