Recent Appointments

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Below you will find the recent appointments made by Bishop Palmer and the Appointive Cabinet as of January 2015. If you have any questions, please email kcorbitt [at] (subject: Recent%20Appointment%20Inquiry) (Karen Corbitt), Executive Secretary to the Bishop. 

April, 2015      
Pastor Charge/Church District Effective
Bell, Dennis Minford SHV 05/01/15
Damschroder, Mark Concord MIV 07/01/15
Fruetemeyer, Donald Miami/Camp Denison ORV 07/01/15
Fugate, Darlene Oakwood MIV 07/01/15
Halter, William Lockington/Maplewood MIV 07/01/15
Kendrick Jr, Gregory Clair CAS 07/01/15
Kisner, Kathleen Armstrong Chapel (Associate) ORV 07/01/15
Kuhlman, Mark Millbury St Paul & Moline MWD 07/01/15
Matthews, Patricia Cherry Grove ORV 07/01/15
Nathan, James Archbold MWD 07/01/15
Overman, Matthew Celina St Paul's  NWP 07/01/15
Pieper, Timothy Arcanum Faith  MIV 07/01/15
Pope-Levison, Priscilla Perkins School of Theology (Associate Dean) EXT  
Shaw, Nicholas Christian Endeavor CAS 06/01/15
Thie, Brian Farmersville MIV 07/01/15
To, David Findlay Zion/Howard NWP 07/01/15
Vogel, Sandra Red Lion ORV 07/01/15
Weatherman, Mark West Independence NWP 07/01/15
Wilson, Donald Gaines ORV 07/01/15
Yoder, Matthew Linworth (Associate) CAN 07/01/15
March, 2015      
Pastor Charge/Church District Effective
Ault, Miriam Mechanicsburg MIV 07/01/15
Cady, David Assistant to the District Superintendent CAS 07/01/15
Cavanaugh, Terry Pitsburg Grace MIV 04/15/15
Chow, Mark Zanesville Grace FTH 07/01/15
Clark, Larry Monroe Street MWD 07/01/15
Creech, Gregory Jackson Calvary (Interim) SHV 04/15/15
Ervin, Doug Hamilton Grace ORV 07/01/15
French, Joy Zanesville Faith & First UMC FTH 07/01/15
Ginter, Gary Kingsley NWP 05/01/15
Gray, Rebecca Evansport/Pulaski NWP 07/01/15
Greene, Robert John Stewart (Associate) NWP 04/01/15
Gruver, Kevin Pleasant View/Good Shepherd  CAS 07/01/15
Hurlburt, Beverly St Mary's Grace/Walnut Grove NWP 04/01/15
Irwin, Elizabeth Epworth MWD 07/01/15
Kanyion, Meshach Friendship ORV 07/01/15
Karges Jr, Wayne Countryside Chapel/Van Wert Wesley NWP 07/01/15
Kleeberger, Tyler Metamora/Weston MWD 04/01/15
Martin, Steve Middleport Heath FTH 04/01/15
McCall, Justin Defiance Trinity NWP 04/01/15
Park-Thomas, Philip Gibsonburg Faith MWD 07/01/15
Patton, Randy Patterson NWP 04/01/15
Pettengill, David Epworth (Resident) MWD 07/01/15
Pummel, Douglas John Stewart (Associate) NWP 04/01/15
Schreiner, Robert Jackson Calvary  SHV 07/01/15
Scoby, Ruth Ann Cairo/Rockport Charge NWP 07/01/15
Sowers, John Ebenezer Muskingum FTH 03/15/15
Tissot, Joshua Church for All People (Resident) CAS 07/01/15
Weatherspoon, Bridget  State Road     MIV 04/01/15
Welker, Vera Pleasantville FTH 04/01/15
Yoo, Joonshik Korean Church of Dayton MIV 07/01/15
February, 2015      
Pastor Charge/Church District Effective
Amos, Nancy Rolling Plains FTH 07/01/15
Barton, Kenneth Alexandria CAS 07/01/15
Borhauer, Peter Miller Memorial CAS 05/01/15
Coleman, Greg West Unity NWP 07/01/15
Diegel, Jeremiah Hayes Memorial (Student Associate) MWD 07/01/15
Feltz, Brady Twin Oaks NWP 04/01/15
Fox, Joseph Eastview CAS 07/01/15
Fox, Tina Reynoldsburg (Associate) CAS 07/01/15
Ginter, Jeffrey New Hope Preble County MIV 02/01/15
Jones, Brian Lancaster First CAS 07/01/15
Ketcham, Debra Lewistown-Trinity  CAN 07/01/15
Martin, Michael Ginghamsburg (Associate) MIV 03/01/15
McGuire, Max Assistant to the District Superintendent    FTH 07/01/15
Perry Jr, Anthony Carey Charge NWP 04/15/15
Plough, Becky Montpelior First NWP 07/01/15
Rammes, R Stuart Miamisburg St James MIV 07/01/15
Scott, Robbie West Milton Hoffman MIV 07/01/15
Shepler, Karen Unity MWD 07/01/15
Wallick, Benjamin Fremont Trinity MWD 07/01/15
Young, Laura  Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice      03/01/15
January, 2015      
Pastor Charge/Church District Effective
Bennett Thomas, Sarah    Discipleship Ministries Nashville   12/01/14
Burns, Jennifer Brookville Community  MIV 07/01/15
Cheeseman, Andrea Fayette MWD 02/15/15
Croy, Megan Lima Trinity (Associate) NWP 07/01/15
Frost, Bonnie Unionville Center CAN 02/15/15
Hanover, Jonathan Kenton First NWP 07/01/15
Hensley, Darlene Spring Valley MIV 01/01/15
Kearns, Harry Bellefontaine CAN 07/01/15
Kelly, Brett Benton Ridge Calvary & Findlay Zion NWP 01/25/15
Lybarger, Wendy Assistant to the District Superintendent    MIV 07/01/15
McDowell, Robert Athens First FTH 07/01/15
Porath, David Sidney First (Associate) MIV 01/01/15
Rand, Thomas Monroe Street Interim MWD 02/16/15
Reese, Chris Medway (Associate) MIV 01/15/15
Rios, Jose Fremont Hispanic (New Church Start) MWD 02/01/15
Sharrett, James Carey (Interim) NWP 01/18/15
Steinecker, Melissa Convoy NWP 07/01/15
White, Stephanie Pacific NW Annual Conference   02/01/15
Williams, Justin Coburn FTH 07/01/15