Recent Appointments

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The following is a list of the recent appointments as set by Bishop Gregory V. Palmer and his Appointive Cabinet. If you have any questions please email kcorbitt [at] (subject: Recent%20Appointment) (Karen Corbitt), Executive Secretary to the Bishop.

July, 2016
Pastor Charge/Appointment District Effective
Blaine, April Hilliard CAS 10/01/16
Cunningham, Leo Wesley Church of Hope CAS 08/01/16
Forbess, Timothy Dayton First MIV 01/01/16
Goble, Sheryl Pomery New Beginnings/Rocksprings (Associate) FTH 07/31/16
Goble, Walt Pomery New Beginnings/Rocksprings FTH 07/31/16
Haines, Amy Springboro First ORV 08/15/16
Moore, Roland Westgate and Parkview CAS 09/01/16
Smith, Dan Hamden FTH 09/01/16
Ulmer, Robert Fletcher MIV 09/01/16
Young, Laura Summit CAN 10/01/16
Young-Lee, Sung Athens Korean (Primary) FTH 07/01/16
Young-Lee, Sung Korean Church of Columbus (Secondary) CAS 07/01/16
June, 2016
Pastor Charge/Appointment District Effective
Allen, Suzanne Assistant to the Superintendent ORV EXT 08/01/16
Aspey, Amy New Life CAN 10/01/16
Casto, Jennifer Epworth CAN 07/01/16
Freshour, Joshua Rush Creek CAN 08/01/16
Herndon, Gregory Clair CAS 07/01/16
Hoskinson, Carolyn Glouster-Jackson FTH 08/01/16
Jenkins, Michael Cygnet Faith MWD 07/01/16
King, James New Marshfield/Union FTH 07/15/16
Leskovec, Jennifer Crosswood CAN 08/01/16
Raaker, Mark Etna (Associate) CAS 07/15/16
Stearns, Randy Hamilton Grace ORV 07/01/16
Thompson, Cecil Gethsemane CAS 07/01/16
Waeger, Jeff York Center CAN 07/01/16
Waugh, Timothy Faith Community ORV 08/01/16
May, 2016
Pastor Charge/Appointment District Effective
Allen, John New Vienna ORV 07/01/16
Botts, Alethea Brice CAS 08/01/16
Crew, Linda White Chapel CAS 06/15/16
Ervin, Doug Union Chapel ORV 07/01/16
Horton, Dereck Dixon (Associate) MIV 07/01/16
Ji Cho, Myung Florida/Independence MWD 07/01/16
Matthews, Peter Dixon  MIV 07/01/16
Miller, Scott Zanesfield/Rushsylvania CAN 07/01/16
Mincey, Sam Tyler SHV 07/01/16
Sterling, Kelly Van Buren NWP 07/01/16
Thomas, Sara Asbury South CAS 07/01/16
April, 2016
Pastor Charge/Appointment District Effective
Anderson, Todd Ohio River Valley Superintendent ORV 07/01/16
Arnold, Brian Hardin/Wyandot  NWP 07/01/16
Ary, Myra Abbottsville MIV 07/01/16
Bible, Ted Roundhead Mt Zion NWP 07/01/16
Brisker, David Fort Jefferson MIV 07/01/16
Cook, Patricia Otterbein Lebanon ORV 07/01/16
Cramer, Stephen Lebanon ORV 07/01/16
Cromer, Peggy Eastmont MIV 07/01/16
Crowell, Angela Westboro ORV 07/01/16
Dunham, Brian New Holland CAS 07/01/16
Durant, Dean Bascom MWD 07/01/16
Furstenau, Charles Harrod Maysville NWP 07/01/16
Green, Bob Hardin/Wyandot (Associate) NWP 07/01/16
Gutheil, Rick Antioch  MIV 07/01/16
Hansen Smith, Wendy North Broadway (Associate) CAN 07/01/16
Kaylor, Deborah Olive Branch/Clarksville ORV 07/01/16
Kendrick, Gregory Church for All People (Associate)  CAS 07/01/16
Lewis, Gerald Quincy & Hopewell CAN 07/01/16
Maynard, John Family of Faith NWP 06/01/16
McErlean-Hoy, Margaret Marysville UMC  CAN 07/01/16
McMichael, Marty Sulphur Grove (Associate) MIV 07/01/16
Mellott, Thomas Findlay St Paul's NWP 07/01/16
Miller, Amy Bowling Green First MWD 07/01/16
Miller, David Stockport Oakland  FTH 07/01/16
Mitchell, Michael Degraff CAN 07/01/16
Montgomery, Donna Jerome (Associate) CAN 07/01/16
Morris, Jonathan Xenia Union MIV 07/01/16
Nuce, Kandyse Centenary Gallia FTH 07/01/16
Pope, Barbara-Jean Terre Haute MIV 07/01/16
Pummell, Doug Hardin/Wyandot (Associate) NWP 07/01/16
Qualls, Travis Gordon MIV 07/01/16
Rand, Elizabeth Monroe St (Associate) MWD 07/01/16
Reeves, Robert Liberty Chapel SHV 07/01/16
Reeves, Robert Liberty Chapel Scrub Ridge  SHV 05/01/16
Ridenour, Jeffrey Burgoon & Helena Shiloh MWD 07/01/16
Sholis, Robert Harrisburg CAS 07/01/16
Smith, Kate Pickerington Peace  CAS 07/01/16
Speicher, Caleb Trinity CAS 07/01/16
Stiles, Dan Stone Chapel SHV 06/01/16
Tennant, David Owensville ORV 07/01/16
Trumbull, Donald Lewisburg MIV 07/01/16
Vierra, Beth Felicity ORV 07/01/16
Weaver, William Lithopolis (Associate) CAS 07/01/16
Wells, David St Paul Community ORV 07/01/16
Wilhelm, Jammie Kingston SHV 07/01/16
Williams, Scott Rarden SHV 05/15/16
Wilson, Casey Centenary  CAS 07/01/16
Wymer, Paul Bremen Calvary FTH 07/01/16
Yinger, David McComb NWP 07/01/16
Ziraldo, Joseph Walnut Street SHV 07/01/16
March, 2016
Pastor Charge/Appointment District Effective
Allen, Jeffrey Indian Run CAN 07/01/16
Baughman, Barry Sulphur Grove MIV 07/01/16
Betz, Arnold Bloomdale Trinity MWD 07/01/16
Bias, Timothy Capitol Area South District Superintendent CAS 07/01/16
Brashear, Brenda Mt Zion; Cedar Hill Calvary CAS 07/01/16
Brown, David Armstrong Chapel ORV 07/01/16
Brown, Elizabeth Armstrong Chapel (Associate) ORV 07/01/16
Brown, Kathy Director, Office of Ministry EXT 07/01/16
Cook, Karen Assistant to the District Superintendent  CAN 07/01/16
Dunn, Maurice Turning Point; Portage Christ MWD 07/01/16
Fewell, Larry High St MIV 07/01/16
Giffin, Wade Trinity CAN 07/01/16
Harper, Wayne Rome SHV 04/01/16
Hiltibran, Richard Benton Ridge Good Shepherd NWP 07/01/16
Inboden, Gregory New Lexington; Iliff FTH 07/01/16
James, Frank New Carlisle First MIV 07/01/16
James, Kimberly Emery Chapel MIV 07/01/16
Kampel, Frank Montpelier First  NWP 07/01/16
King, Paschal Thurston CAS 07/01/16
Luke, Keith Church of the Cross MWD 07/01/16
Moore, Brian Appleton CAS 07/01/16
Olson, Bradford Loveland ORV 07/01/16
Onabanjo, Adebowale  Toledo Zion MWD 07/01/16
Parulis-Wright, Elaine Fernside/Church of the Savior Outreach EXT 01/01/16
Petry, Alexandra Brookville First MIV 07/01/16
Phillips, Johnny Hope ORV 07/01/16
Phillips-Schnecker, Barbara      Faith Community MIV 07/01/16
Plear, Phyllis Wexner Medical Center EXT 05/01/16
Purvis, Richard Dresden FTH 07/01/16
Ridenour, Jeffrey McComb NWP 07/01/16
Widdowson, Douglas Edon NWP 07/01/16
Wingo, Becky Oak Hill St Paul/Faith SHV 07/01/16
Wurster, Ann Epiphany (Associate) ORV 07/01/16
February, 2016
Pastor Charge/Appointment District Effective
Fairchild, Darryl Dayton Children's Hospital EXT 03/01/16
Judson, Steven Zanesville Central Trinity FTH 07/01/16
McKenzie, Jordan Belmont MIV 03/01/16
Metzger, Daniel Epiphany ORV 04/01/16
Pennington, Clyde Slabfork Centenary SHV 02/15/16
Pribe, Ruthanne West Jefferson CAS 07/01/16
Staas, Dillion St Mary's Wayne Street NWP 07/01/16
Tunison, Stephanie Ripples Exec.Coaching & Consulting; Vistage Intl.    EXT 11/06/15
Wallick, Linda St Joseph Hospice; Altercare of Ohio; Mt Carmel EXT 03/01/16
January, 2016
Pastor Charge/Appointment District Effective
Kleeberger, Kyle Wilkins & Delta Buelah MWD 02/01/16
Leighty, James McKendree MIV 02/01/16
Martindell, Karen Lithopolis CAS 01/01/16
Miracle, Loran Benton Ridge Good Shepherd (Interim) NWP 03/01/16
Perry, Bruce Wilkins & Delta Buelah MWD 02/01/16
Roth, Debra Conford Englewood; UTS Pohly Center MIV  07/01/15
Starr, Ernest Horizon Prison Initiative Chillicothe CAS 03/01/16
Wade Jr., James Springbank SHV 02/01/16