Recent Appointments

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The following is a list of the recent appointments as set by Bishop Gregory V. Palmer and his Appointive Cabinet. If you have any questions please email kcorbitt [at] (subject: Recent%20Appointment) (Karen Corbitt), Executive Secretary to the Bishop.

February, 2017
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Crew, Linda Fairfield Beach CAS 01/01/17
Daft, Ken Bremen First (Interim to 07/01/17) FTH 01/01/17
Hawkins, Virgil Port William MIV 01/01/17
Peaks, Donetta Director of Clergy Recruitment, Candidacy, & Licensing EXT 02/15/17
Rhoads, Mike Concord (Interim to 07/01/17) SHV 01/25/17
Rode, Phil Lewis Center (Associate) CAN 07/01/17
Ryhal, James Catawba MIV 01/15/17
Solo, Ruth Wright Memorial/Cox/White Chapel/Smith Chapel/Perryton CAS 02/01/17
Waltz, Kelly Allentown NWP 02/15/17
January, 2017
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Leasure, William Piqua Green St MIV 02/01/17
Paige, Peter Payne (interim through 06/30/17) NWP 01/01/17
Steele, Katharine Newtown ORV 01/01/17
Wynn, Joshua Sidney First (Associate) MIV 01/15/17
December, 2016
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Brookins, Mark North Bethel & Tupper's Plain FTH 12/15; 12/18
Cartwright, Jeff New Hope MIV 01/01/17
Mustard, Chris Medway MIV 12/01/16
Ologo, Ernest New Covenant Community at Westwood ORV 01/01/17
Reece, Chris Higher Ground MIV 01/01/17
Zellar, Bill Laurel & Spring Grove ORV  
November, 2016
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Buckwell, Brenda Living Springs Flowing Water Ext 12/01/16
Frazee, Gerald Waldo CAN 11/01/16
Horton, Derek McKinley MIV 11/01/16
James, David Peebles SHV 01/01/17
Johnson, Cindee Fletcher MIV 12/01/16
Matthews, Peter McKinley MIV 11/01/16
McKee, Matthew Albany FTH 12/01/16
Stonecypher, Jessica  Muskingum Soil & Water Conservation; Hope Farms FTH 10/01/16
Stonecypher, Jessica Secondary: First Zanesville FTH 10/01/16
October, 2016
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Blackstone, Brandi Grove City CAS 11/01/16
Cavanaugh, Terry Greenville First MIV 11/27/16
Chambliss, LeRoy New Vision (Coach) ORV 11/01/16
Griffin, Ron Asbury Circuit FTH 10/09/16
Hardman, Randy McArthur (serving Union as well) FTH 10/01/16
Hargis, Thomas Calvary Hilltop (Lead) ORV 11/01/16
Julien, Jeff Westpark/Walnut Hill CAS 11/01/16
King, Arland Nashport FTH 11/13/16
McSwords, Sarah Marysville First (Associate-volunteer) CAN 11/01/16
Meeks, Angela Ithaca Grace MIV 11/27/16
Miller, Christina Green Street MIV 10/15/16
Nance, Rick Aldersgate MIV 11/01/16
Proctor, Debbie Barlow/Bartlett Charge FTH 10/16/16
Sharpe, Jason Waynesville ORV 12/01/16
Solo, Ruth Perryton/Smith Chapel/Wright Memorial CAS 11/01/16
Worthen, Merritt New Vision (Exec.) ORV 11/01/16
September, 2016
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Deel, Keith Kingston Salem (Interim) CAS 09/01/16
Fisher, Brett Pleasant Valley SHV 09/15/16
Grover, Tad Circleville Calvary (Interim) CAS 09/01/16
Morrow, Bob Haverhill SHV 09/15/16
Sayre, Benji Wesley Foundation (Primary) ORV 09/15/16
Sayre, Benji Cliffton (Secondary) ORV 09/15/16
Sellers, John Cannelville FTH 09/15/16
Wingo, Becky Oak Hill St Paul/ Oak Hill Faith SHV 09/15/16
July, 2016
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Blaine, April Hilliard CAS 10/01/16
Cunningham, Leo Wesley Church of Hope CAS 08/01/16
Forbess, Timothy Dayton First MIV 01/01/16
Goble, Sheryl Pomery New Beginnings/Rocksprings (Associate) FTH 07/31/16
Goble, Walt Pomery New Beginnings/Rocksprings FTH 07/31/16
Haines, Amy Springboro First ORV 08/15/16
Moore, Roland Westgate and Parkview CAS 09/01/16
Smith, Dan Hamden FTH 09/01/16
Ulmer, Robert Fletcher MIV 09/01/16
Young, Laura Summit CAN 10/01/16
Young-Lee, Sung Athens Korean (Primary) FTH 07/01/16
Young-Lee, Sung Korean Church of Columbus (Secondary) CAS 07/01/16
June, 2016
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Allen, Suzanne Assistant to the Superintendent ORV EXT 08/01/16
Aspey, Amy New Life CAN 10/01/16
Casto, Jennifer Epworth CAN 07/01/16
Freshour, Joshua Rush Creek CAN 08/01/16
Herndon, Gregory Clair CAS 07/01/16
Hoskinson, Carolyn Glouster-Jackson FTH 08/01/16
Jenkins, Michael Cygnet Faith MWD 07/01/16
King, James New Marshfield/Union FTH 07/15/16
Leskovec, Jennifer Crosswood CAN 08/01/16
Raaker, Mark Etna (Associate) CAS 07/15/16
Stearns, Randy Hamilton Grace ORV 07/01/16
Thompson, Cecil Gethsemane CAS 07/01/16
Waeger, Jeff York Center CAN 07/01/16
Waugh, Timothy Faith Community ORV 08/01/16