Recent Appointments

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Below you will find the recent appointments made by Bishop Palmer and the Appointive Cabinet for the current calendar year beginning July 1. Appointments made prior to the 2014 Annual Conference are listed in the 2014 Annual Conference Appointment Report. If you have any questions, please email kcorbitt [at] wocumc [dot] org (subject: Recent%20Appointment%20Inquiry) (Karen Corbitt), Executive Secretary to the Bishop. 

September 2014        
Pastor Charge/Church District  Effective 
Beline, Jurandir Whitehall & Church of Good Shepherd CAN 9/15/2014
Bustos, Juan St Mark & Glenwood Hispanic Ministries       CAS 9/15/2014
Gallaher, Larry Ross Community  ORV 8/10/2014
Gruver, Kevin Reynoldsburg (Congregational Care) CAS 9/1/2014
Heft, Elizabeth Ginghamsburg MIV 9/1/2014
McLeod, Sean Morral CAN 8/15/2014
Milterberger, Tony       Centerville  MIV  11/1/2014
Pagura, David Reynoldsburg (Missions) CAS 9/1/2014
Piatt, Becky Bexley CAN 9/15/2014
Reese, Chris Medway MIV 9/1/2014
Sharp, Erica Ginghamsburg MIV 9/1/2014
Swisher, Stephen Epiphany ORV 10/1/2014
Wallace, John Church of the Savior CAN 10/1/2014
Williams, Darryl Higher Ground MIV 9/1/2014
July 2014        
Pastor Charge/Church District  Effective
Dunham, Jennifer Logan New Hope FTH 7/15/2014
Ervin, Doug Locust Corner ORV 7/6/2014
Gardner, Greg Community SHV 7/15/2014
Mershimer, Gerald Londonderry SHV 7/15/2014
Pagura, David Chatham Charge CAS 7/1/2014
Pinkerman, Brian Finley Chapel SHV 7/15/2014
Waugh, John Island Creek (Interim)                            SHV 7/1/2014