Recent Appointments

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The following is a list of the recent appointments as set by Bishop Gregory V. Palmer and his Appointive Cabinet. If you have any questions please email kcorbitt [at] (subject: Recent%20Appointment) (Karen Corbitt), Executive Secretary to the Bishop.

May, 2017      
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Andrews, Joshua Lima Westside/Spencerville Trinity NWP 07/01/17
Arnold, Craig Eastview CAS 07/01/17
Blau, Matthew Gratiot/Pleasantville/Crooksville First Hope FTH 07/01/17
Bolte, Alan Mt Orab  SHV 07/01/17
Bolte, Alan West Union SHV 07/01/17
Borhauer, Peter Shalom Carroll CAS 07/01/17
Burns, Andrew Church of the Messiah (Associate) CAN 08/01/17
Burns, Jennifer West Carrollton Memorial MIV 07/01/17
Burrows, Thomas Brownsville/Macedonia FTH 07/01/17
Charles, Thomas Cornerstone SHV 07/01/17
Deel, Keith Circleville Community/Emmett Chapel CAS 07/01/17
Dickerson, Bruce Newark First (Associate) CAS 07/01/17
Eagle, Charles Brookville Community MIV 07/01/17
Greene, Robert Vanlue Christ/East Mt Zion NWP 07/01/17
Hilgeman, David Peebles SHV 07/01/17
Hoeksema, Ron Salem Cass NWP 07/01/17
Holman, James Kanauga Fairhaven FTH 05/15/17
Lehman, Timothy Miller Memorial/Croton CAS 07/01/17
Meeks, Angela Concord - Interim MIV 07/01/17
Moseng, Amanda Milford Trinity (Associate) ORV 07/01/17
Park-Thomas, Phillip Hoytville/North Baltimore St James MWD 07/01/17
Payne, Dennis Hyde Park Bethlehem  ORV 08/01/17
Reiser, Lori Oakwood MIV 07/01/17
Richey, David New Madison MIV 07/01/17
Schofield-Motter, Rebecca  Findlay St Andrews (Associate) NWP 07/01/17
Stewart, Paula Clough ORV 07/01/17
Thomas, Anthony Proctorville New Hope SHV 07/01/17
Tomlinson, Kurt Van Wert Trinity  NWP 07/01/17
Ulderich, Max Gibsonburg Faith and Trinity MWD 07/01/17
Weaver, William Reynoldsburg (Associate) CAS 07/01/17
Welker, Vera Waynesfield/Perry  NWP 07/01/17
Wilmetti, Timothy Bluffton First/Rockport NWP 08/01/17
Wolfe, Eve Marie Neal Ave CAS 07/01/17
April, 2017      
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Beaty, Laurie Caring Points NWP 09/01/17
Campbell, Scott Newark First  CAS 07/01/17
Case, Christine Chesapeake (Associate) SHV 07/01/17
Charles, Thomas Cornerstone SHV 07/01/17
Clark, Laurie Bexley Associate CAN 07/01/17
Crego, Beth Anne Westwood (Associate) ORV 05/01/17
Egloff, Debra MIV Children's & Education Ministries Consultant MIV 07/01/17
Evans, Seth Ginghamsburg MIV 07/02/27
Fuchs, Daniel The Plains  FTH 07/01/17
Fuchs, Lauren Central Ave (Associate) FTH 07/01/17
Fuhrman, Justin Miami Whitewater ORV 07/01/17
Hayes, Kathleen Col. Grove St John/Ottawa Trinity NWP 07/01/17
Jarrells, Phillip Mt Tabor NWP 07/01/17
Jones, Kara Common Ground Free Store; Faculty MTSO CAN 07/01/17
Kane, Raymond Gallipolis Grace  FTH 07/01/17
Kelly, Brett Mt Blanchard NWP 07/01/17
Kim, Jeeyoung Gwinnett Medical Center; Chaplain Resident              EXT 07/01/17
Ma, John Path One Internship - Global Community CAN 07/01/17
McSwords, Sara Raymond and Caldwell Memorial CAN 07/01/17
Pelzel, Daniel Georgetown SHV 07/01/17
Rhoades, Mike Concord SHV 05/01/17
Saunders, Laura Franklin First ORV 07/01/17
Shrom-Rhoades, Kirsten  Grandview UMC Lancaster, PA EXT 07/01/17
Shugert, Dwayne Rossford MWD 07/01/17
Smith, Marie Wilmington ORV 07/01/17
Steele, Laurie Hartwell/Hartzell ORV 07/01/17
Stiles, Daniel Stone Chapel SHV 05/01/17
Thomas, Sara CAS Asst to the Superintendent EXT 07/01/17
Thomas, William Convoy NWP 07/01/17
Trapp, Dawn North Bend/Elizabethtown ORV 07/01/17
Van Winkle, Matthew   Johnstown CAS 07/01/17
Wallick, Linda Chaplain Residency Ohio Health EXT 04/01/17
Wilkins, Jason Portage Chapel NWP 05/01/17
Yinger, David McComb/Benton Ridge Calvary NWP 07/01/17
March, 2017      
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Bridgman, David Jerome CAN 03/01/17
Cady, David Riverside CAN 07/01/17
Crego, Beth-Ann Westwood (Associate) ORV 07/01/17
Diegel, Jeremiah Oregon Christ MWD 07/01/17
Dietsch-Fox, Tina Washington Courthouse Grace  SHV 07/01/17
Flinn, Doug Walnut Grove NWP 07/01/17
Fox, Joseph Washington Courthouse Grace  SHV 07/01/17
Grant Rigsby, Brandi Ada First NWP 07/01/17
Gregory, Mark Arlington NWP 07/01/17
Johnson, Janice Enon MIV 07/01/17
Kearns, Harry Perrysburg First MWD 07/01/17
Kirchner, Kyle Nation Chapel MIV 07/01/17
Lockwood, Lynda Wapakoneta Salem/NWP Asst NWP 07/01/17
Paige, Peter Bryan Wesley NWP 07/01/17
Pettengill, Dave Parkview MIV 07/01/17
Rath, Stephen London First CAS 07/01/17
Reed, Elizabeth Malta FTH 07/01/17
Riddle, John "Rocky"  Trinity (Associate) CAN 07/01/17
Rogers, Steve Milford First ORV 07/01/17
Seipel, Louise Stonybrook CAN 07/01/17
Shaeffer, Russell Bellefontaine CAN 06/15/17
Starr, Ernest Church For All People CAS 03/01/17
Stevens, Deborah Broad St CAN 07/01/17
Sykes, Maggie Bethel/Casstown MIV 07/01/17
Vinson, Brian Church Planting Coordinator, Zambia EXT 07/01/17
Whistler, Mick Grand Lake NWP 07/01/17
Wolfe, Serena Pickerington Peace CAS 03/01/17
Yeakel, Mary Jo Asbury South CAS 07/01/17
February, 2017      
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Brower, Rodney Little Hocking FTH 02/15/17
Casperson, April Crossroads UMC (Secondary Appointment) CAS 02/15/17
Coleman, John East Fultonham ORV  
Crew, Linda Fairfield Beach CAS 01/01/17
Daft, Ken Bremen First (Interim to 07/01/17) FTH 01/01/17
Hargis, Thomas Calvary Hilltop/Jubilee ORV 03/01/17
Hawkins, Virgil Port William MIV 01/01/17
Hess, Clark Summit Station CAS 07/01/17
Marshall, James The Southern Charge FTH 03/01/17
Martindell, Karen Special Ed., Canal Winchester CAS 01/01/17
Motter, Jeff Findlay St Andrews NWP 07/01/17
Mundy, Don West Union (Interim) SHV 02/15/17
North, Steve Friendly Center and Unity MWD 07/01/17
Park, Doyoung Grovernors State Univ. CAN 09/01/17
Peaks, Donnetta Director of Clergy Recruitment, Candidacy, Licensing EXT 02/15/17
Rhoads, Mike Concord (Interim to 07/01/17) SHV 01/25/17
Rode, Phil Lewis Center (Associate) CAN 07/01/17
Reese, Chris Vandalia MIV 07/01/17
Ryhal, James Catawba MIV 01/15/17
Solo, Ruth Wright Mem/Cox/White Chapel/Smith Chapel/Perryton  CAS 02/01/17
Stockton, Doug Bethel ORV 07/01/17
Tissot, Josh Wapakoneta First NWP 07/01/17
Waltz, Kelly Allentown NWP 02/15/17
Woolum, Don Ironton First  (Interim) SHV 03/01/17
Worthen, Merrit New Vision ORV 03/01/17
January, 2017      
Pastor Appointment/Charge District Effective
Leasure, William Piqua Green St MIV 02/01/17
Paige, Peter Payne (interim through 06/30/17) NWP 01/01/17
Steele, Katharine Newtown ORV 01/01/17
Wynn, Joshua Sidney First (Associate) MIV 01/15/17