Bishop Makes Statement on Violence Against Women

Greetings in Christ Jesus:

We have all been inundated with the unfolding and voluminous accusations of sexual harassment and assault against Harvey Weinstein from a growing list of women. Earlier this year, we witnessed the trial of Bill Cosby for similar reasons. There are accusations of inappropriate language and behavior on the parts of other high profile people. Truth be told, this kind of craziness goes on all the time and is perpetrated not just by high profile celebrities and politicians, but in the places where so-called regular people live and work. Wherever and whenever, it is unacceptable and cannot and should not be tolerated. This intimidation and violence against women demeans us all, but no one more so than the victims. I applaud the courage of those who have found their voice to say "No More."

While I wish that it was otherwise, the church is not immune to this. It happens. While it may not be frequent, once is too much. I am grateful that The United...continue reading