Bishop Reflects on Violence in Las Vegas

Greetings in Christ Jesus, beloved.

In December of 2015, in a conversation over dinner, a West Ohio pastor said the following to me: "Thank you for your letter to the conference about the recent mass shooting. It was well done, but I am tired of receiving such notes." His vexation and weariness was not with me personally but with the circumstances that make it necessary for such missives to be written and sent. Following the heinous massacre in Las Vegas we cry out, "How long O Lord?" We must pray aloud our despair, our anger and our hope.

Our hearts are breaking for the dead and injured and their families. The life of an entire city has been disrupted. But people from Las Vegas and from distant places stepped up. Those authorized and trained as first responders performed at a high level. We are grateful. Many persons became unofficial but very real first responders because they saw the wreckage that is always left behind by gun violence. Thanks be to God. The sorting...continue reading