“Go, and do likewise.”

Do you remember the jars that sat on counters at sub shops and convenience stores? They often had a photo of a child taped to the front. The kid might have had leukemia, and the family needed money to pay medical expenses.  Maybe you attended a spaghetti dinner fundraiser in a church’s fellowship hall for a neighbor recently diagnosed with cancer. Perhaps you were the one suddenly facing a life-threatening disease with no way to pay for your treatment.

I have been there as a pastor. I have sat with families as they receive a severe diagnosis and are suddenly faced with the question of how to pay for it. It is far too common, and it breaks my heart. Families should not have to spend time and energy panhandling for loose change to get the care they need.

Medicaid is a sacred covenant we’ve made to care for one another, so people do not have to rely on fundraisers. Medicaid has helped millions of working families, low-income people, children, pregnant women, the...continue reading