Staff Directory

Episcopal Office

Gregory V. Palmer
Ext. 215
Resident Bishop, Ohio West Area
Rev. Linda Middelberg
(614) 222-0602
Executive Assistant to Bishop Gregory V. Palmer
Kay Panovec
Ext. 229
Director of Communications
Nancy Riley
Ext. 215
Executive Secretary to the Bishop
Tim McCoy
Ext. 227
Administrative Coordinator
Grace Gerber
Ext. 201
Welcome and Hospitality Coordinator


Rev. Calvin Alston
Superintendent, Shawnee Valley District
Rev. Todd Anderson
Superintendent, Ohio River Valley District
Rev. Scot Ocke
Superintendent, Maumee Watershed District
Rev. Linda Middelberg
Superintendent, Capitol Area North District
Rev. Jocelyn Roper
Superintendent, Miami Valley District
Rev. Tim Bias
Superintendent, Capitol Area South District
Rev. Mark Chow
Superintendent, Foothills District
Rev. Amy Haines
Superintendent, Northwest Plains District

Office of Ministry

Rev. Donnetta Peaks
Ext. 314
Director Office of Ministry
Susan Thomas
Ext. 246
Administrative Coordinator

Connectional Ministries

Rev. Dee Stickley-Miner
Ext. 239
Director of Connectional Ministries
Rev. April Casperson
Ext. 328
Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Sam Rodriguez
Ext. 154
Director of Faith Formation and Community Engagement
Mariellyn Dunlap Grace
Ext. 323
Mission & Communication Coordinator
Lisa Nevels
Ext. 204
Administrative Coordinator
Alma Frias
Ext. 336
Administrative Coordinator

Camping & Retreat Ministries

Ken Overholser
Ext. 230
Director of Camping & Retreat Ministries
Scott Seese
Otterbein Camp Director
Ashlee Phillips
Wesley Camp Director

Office of Missional Church Development

Brad Aycock
Ext. 315
Director of Fresh Starts & New Beginnings
Allyssa Graves
Ext. 209
Administrative Coordinator


Amy Graham
Ext. 329
Communications Specialist
Thomas Waldren
Ext. 235
Graphic Designer

Treasurer's Office

Bill Brownson
Ext. 221
CFO/Director of Administration
Jack Frost
Ext. 219
Mike Kremnitzer
Ext. 226
Director of Benefits and Human Resources
Jim Nothstine
Ext. 249
Finance Coordinator
Sandi George
Ext. 312
Benefits Coordinator
Linda Russo
Ext. 210
Rhonda Tyree
Ext. 311
Accounts Receivable
Steven Schneider
Ext. 331
Director of Information Technology
Denzil Stewart
Ext. 317
Full Stack Developer
Katharine Pack
Ext. 248
Journal Editor

United Methodist Foundation of West Ohio

Susan Black, CFRE
Ext. 247
Executive Director
Maddy O’Malley
Ext. 222
Donor Relations Associate