Global Prayer Calendar

The West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church supports a wide variety of mission partners, both local and global, in advancing our common mission to 'make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.' Each month, we will join together in praying for our brothers and sisters doing mission and ministry around the world.

September: Schools

Every school year is a challenge, but this year will be unparalleled in the difficulties presented to teachers, students, and parents as learning resumes in new and different ways. Some students and teachers may face the uncertainty of how to stay safe and healthy while participating in person. Others may stay physically healthier by learning virtually, but this also brings the possibility of students going hungry, of mental health diagnoses being missed, or of abuse and neglect going unnoticed. Teachers in virtual classrooms have the added challenge of trying to keep their students engaged from afar, or to teach skills by computer that are best learned in person. Parents must make difficult decisions, such as how to help their child learn while also doing what they must to provide for their family. There are no easy answers for anyone right now, and schools are no exception.

This month, please pray for:

  • Week 1: School administrators and officials who must make difficult decisions about how to ‘do school’ this year.
  • Week 2: Teachers and staff who may be putting their health at risk to teach in person, or who must re-learn how to teach in a virtual way.
  • Week 3: Students who must learn how to learn in different ways, whether in person or virtually.
  • Week 4: Parents who may be struggling with how to help their children learn while also providing for their families.

Never doubt that your prayers make a difference!