Global Prayer Calendar

The West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church supports a wide variety of mission partners, both local and global, in advancing our common mission to 'make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.' Each month, we will join together in praying for our brothers and sisters doing mission and ministry around the world.

July: Cambodia

Across the United States, many of our United Methodist congregations are growing older, struggling with how to attract a younger crowd. Young people bring vitality, new ideas, and oftentimes, an openness to change. Still, churches often rely upon the older generation for wisdom, tradition, and leadership. In Cambodia today, youth is one of the greatest assets of the Methodist Church there — and one of its biggest challenges. With an entire generation of adults wiped out by the harsh regime of Pol Pot, the country — along with its churches — was left with a vacuum of leadership. Now, the Methodist Church in Cambodia is striving to provide leadership training for youth and young people so that it can continue to thrive for generations to come.

This month, please pray for:

  • Week 1: Training opportunities for the large percentage of youth and young people that make up the Methodist churches of Cambodia.
  • Week 2: The Methodist seminary in Cambodia, where Christian leaders are provided housing, meals, seminary courses, and worship.
  • Week 3: New church development, particularly in the provinces where no Methodist churches exist.
  • Week 4: The Methodist Church’s ministries that strive to keep children and youth from becoming victims of human trafficking.
  • **Special Prayer Request: Pray for the college students at the Susanna Wesley House in Phnom Penh as they try to study and learn in the midst of a surge in COVID-19 cases across Cambodia.

Never doubt that your prayers make a difference!

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