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Contemporary Worship Leader

New Albany United Methodist Church is seeking a passionate and talented individual to serve as the Contemporary Worship Leader. This part time position requires a heart for worship, strong leadership abilities, and proficiency in utilizing modern worship technology. The Contemporary Worship Leader will work in collaboration with the Lead Pastor to create a spiritually enriching worship experience for the congregation.


  • Leading Contemporary Worship:
    • Prepare and lead contemporary worship services on Sunday mornings, guiding the congregation in authentic and engaging worship experiences.
    • Lead the congregation in praise and worship through music, encouraging active participation and fostering an atmosphere of spiritual growth.
  • Weekly Rehearsals:
    • Conduct weekly rehearsals with the worship team, which may include vocalists, instrumentalists, and other worship volunteers.
    • Provide musical direction and guidance during rehearsals, ensuring a high standard of excellence in musical performance.
  • Collaborating with Classic Worship Director:
    • Coordinate with the Classic Worship Director to ensure a cohesive worship program that reflects the church's vision and values.
    • Foster a spirit of teamwork and mutual support between the contemporary and classic worship teams.
  • Technology Proficiency:
    • Demonstrate proficiency in using Planning Center and ProPresenter software to organize worship sets, schedule volunteers, and create visual lyric presentations.
    • Utilize audio and visual equipment effectively during worship services for seamless and immersive worship experiences.
  • Worship Planning:
    • Work closely with the worship design team to select contemporary worship songs that align with the sermon themes and liturgical calendar.
    • Introduce new and relevant worship songs to the congregation while maintaining a balance with familiar songs.
  • Recruiting and Training:
    • Recruit and train talented worship team members, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for volunteers to serve.
    • Invest in the spiritual and musical development of team members, encouraging their growth as worship leaders.
  • Duties as Assigned:
    • Our church is ever evolving.  Our core values are to welcome all people, empower others, share the work, serve with humility, make it personal and cultivate innovative change.  

Spiritual Leadership:

  • Embody a personal and growing relationship with God, serving as a role model of worship and devotion for the congregation.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of worship that allows individuals to encounter Christ and respond authentically to God’s presence.

Special Events:

  • Assist in planning and leading worship for special events, conferences, and outreach programs as needed.


  • A deep personal commitment to Jesus Christ and a passion for leading others in worship.
  • Demonstrated experience and skill in contemporary worship leadership, with a strong vocal and/or instrumental background.
  • Proficiency in using Planning Center and ProPresenter software for worship planning and presentation.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to work collaboratively with volunteers and staff.
  • An understanding of liturgical elements and the ability to incorporate them into contemporary worship services.
  • Previous experience in recruiting, training, and managing worship team volunteers.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic church environment.
  • A desire to continually grow and improve as a worship leader and disciple of Christ.

This position offers a unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant and welcoming faith community committed to transforming lives through worship. If you feel called to serve as the Contemporary Worship Leader at New Albany United Methodist Church, we invite you to apply and share your musical talents and passion for worship with us. Email us at newalbanyumc@gmail.com .