Multiply Minis

Relevant, Timely Trainings to Multiply Your Impact

Multiply Minis are live, interactive trainings for ministry leaders to break out of the norm and  hear fresh ideas. These Minis will encourage, inspire, and resource churches with the most current topics and innovative best practices from practitioners across West Ohio and beyond.  

Each participant will  leave the 90-minute webcasts with practical, ready-to-use tools along with “the one big thing” to take home. At each Mini, you'll also learn about “Co-Labs”: specialized learning groups designed to help you move from information to action. 

Multiply Minis are open to both clergy and lay:

  • Free for West Ohio participants
  • $25 for participants outside of West Ohio

*Space for each Mini is limited to the first 150 participants.
*Deadline to register is the Friday before each Mini.
*Continuing Education Units are available for each Mini. See registration for details.
*All times listed are in Eastern Standard Time Zone. 

See below for the full listing! 


Multiply Minis 2021 Schedule thru November


What is a House Church?

July 28 | 1:30-3 | Fresh Expressions US

The pandemic has changed the nature of church, which means your church's typical Sunday gathering isn't going away, yet this is a great opportunity to expand the bandwidth of our faith communities for our neighbors. Could it be time for you to gather in smaller and more distributed groups that still provide the opportunity for worship, fellowship, and community? How is house church different than a small group? What about children’s church? In this Mini you'll learn house church and micro-gathering basics from a seasoned practitioner. 
Suggested Book:  Deep Roots, Wild Branches by Michael Beck


Innovative Evangelism: How to Connect with New People, Build Community, and Make Disciples in a Digital World, Bit by Bit

August 17 | 10:30-12 | Rev. Brent Levy 

The world has changed. The church is changing, too. With more of our lives moving online, our hunger for community, connection, and belonging is stronger than ever. In this Mini you’ll learn how to facilitate real, authentic connection, nurture disciple-making, and share the good news of Jesus in an increasing digital-first world. 
Suggested Book:  The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters by Priya Parker


What’s Standing Between You and Courageous Leadership?

August 25 | 10:30-12 | Rev. Dr. Sara Thomas

...It’s likely  not  what you think. Amidst uncertainty and change, you’re being called to be a resilient, courageous leader. Join us to explore the foundation of courageous leadership, what’s standing between you and courageous leadership, and walk away with tools you can use today. 
Suggested Book: Dare to Lead by Brene Brown


How to Last in Ministry: Disciplines for Sustainable  Leadership

September 1 | 10:30-12 | Rev. Dr. Mike Slaughter 

If you can’t lead yourself, you won’t be effective at leading others. Self-leadership precedes strategic leadership. God has entrusted us as pastors and church leaders to share the Gospel, and we need to be the best version of ourselves to do so. During this Mini, you’ll learn from a life-long practitioner about five key disciplines to help you maintain a ministry that will enable you to face the challenges and finish the race.
Suggested Book: Momentum for Life by Michael Slaughter


How Can My Church Become More Diverse?

September 8 | 10:30-12 | Rev. April Casperson & Sam Rodriguez  

We often think it and sometimes say it out loud – “how can my church become more of a reflection of our neighborhood, our local school, or the Kingdom of God?” There is no easy answer to this great challenge that many churches face and desire. All communities have some form of diversity whether its socio-economic, racial, social background, generational, family make-up, or other. In this Mini you’ll learn ways your church can consider reengaging your city/town to become better positioned to welcome them into the life of your faith community. 
Suggested Book: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves


Fewer Meetings, More Ministry

September 14 |  10:30-12 | Rev. Geoff  Posegate

Your church's administrative structure should support your disciple-making mission, and not work against it. A cumbersome grid of multiple committees and endless meetings acts like a clog in the artery of your missional effectiveness. Learn how less is more, in numbers of committees, numbers of people involved in administrative governance, and numbers of meetings. Stagnant and declining churches have lots of meetings. Growing and impacting churches do lots of ministry, unhindered by complex structure. Your church can go lean and do more. 
Suggested Book:  Winning on Purpose by John Kaiser


Preaching  When You Don’t Feel Like It 

October 6  | 10:30-12 | Bishop Gregory V. Palmer  and Rev. Valerie Bridgeman

Preachers love opening up the Word of God for the People of God. And yet, some weeks it can take everything in us just to get to church; the weeks when life and the world seem like they might fall apart right around us. Through a year of division and heartbreak and online everything, God still has something to say through us, even when we don’t feel like it. 
Suggested Book: The Fully Alive Preacher: Recovering from Homiletical Burnout by Mike Graves


I Don’t Like Them, I Need to Get to Know Them Better

October 12 | 10:30-12 | Sam Rodriguez & Rev. April Casperson 

We all have our opinions and biases. We live in a divided world. There are adjustments we can all make to become more aware of those biases to be able to follow Jesus’s commandment to “love your neighbor.” Is it necessary? Is it easy? Is it worth it? This Mini will help you acknowledge your realities and equip you to become a better neighbor, and most importantly more Christ-like. The change must start with you. This is for any leader or team looking for 
Suggested Book: I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown


Building Community Partnerships

October 20 | 10:30-12 | Rev. Dee Stickley-Miner 

We all have something to offer. As we look outside of the walls of the church, there are organizations, businesses, agencies, institutions, and other churches working for the good of the community. Making a difference in our local communities can begin by coming alongside these organizations with mutuality and a common vision of a whole community.
Suggested Book:  Having Nothing, Possessing Everything by Michael Mather


Should We Start a Dinner Church?

November  2  |  10:30-12 | Fresh Expression US

Christians in the early church gathered together around a meal, telling the story of Jesus’ last supper, breaking bread, and sharing the cup. Ritualized meals have been practiced by a variety of Christian denominations through the centuries. Churches across the US are experimenting with micro-gatherings via Dinner Church and reaching those who aren’t interested in the norm. Is this ancient-futuristic approach to reaching your community something your church could explore? 
Suggested Book: Welcome to Dinner Church by Verlon Fosner 


Creating  a Healthy Staff Culture

November 3  |  10:30-12 | Rev. Dr. Jon Ferguson

Leading a church that transforms the world requires more than the latest leadership strategies or team building activities. Healthy churches are driven by a culture where people are more committed to leading out of who they are than out of what they do. A healthy staff culture also requires courageous decisions about hiring, developing, and knowing when to let go of a team member. Ultimately, an effective ministry flows out of building a healthy culture. 
Suggested Book:  The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzero



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