We Can't Talk About "That" at Church
Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 10:00am to 2:00pm
Sponsored by the West Ohio Conference

How do we create authentic places for people to talk about "it."  You know... those topics that we've been told not to talk about. Experiences that we are too ashamed to discuss. Hurt and harm that we think goes away if we bury the pain deep enough. Lived experiences like incarceration and victimization. This training provides participants skills and tools for holding courageous, inclusive conversations around painful, polarizing, and isolating topics and experiences. Participants receive detailed guidance for structuring conversations, developing organizational readiness, and preparing to bring people together to overcome their pain, shame, and stigma. We can be authentic and be okay with each other's current and past experiences.

Onsite and Online Options. This training will be available in person and online. The live location for this training is at Central Community Center in Springfield, or you may participate in the online webinar at home.  Online participants, also, will have a facilitator to help build community and guide discussion.

Pricing for in-person training is $25 for meals and materials; the webinar cost is $10 for digital materials. As you register for the event, you can choose which location you plan to attend.

In-Person Facilitators: Reba Collins and Kathy Kaufman; Online Facilitator: Tom Knauf


Location Name
Central Community Center
Reba Collins
$25 in person; $10 webinar