ERT - Indian Run UMC
Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
West Ohio Conference and Capitol Area North District

The eight hour Basic Class or Recertification training will teach you how to assist survivors of natural disasters in their time of need. You will provide a Christian presence while taking steps to prevent further damage to a family's personal property, tarping, debris removal, cleaning out flooded homes, etc. FEMA recognizes this training to be able to enter a disaster scene. Class instructors: Ron McDaniel, Randy Fahy and Jim Burns

Deadline to register is Sunday, September 8

NOTE: A background check is required to receive an ERT badge from UMCOR.  You will receive a link to run a background check with UMCOR when you register online, please complete the background check prior to the class.

Basic certification $40; Recertification $35 (both include lunch)

Location Name
Indian Run UMC
Location Address
Kris Shoaf
Basic $40/Recertification $35 (lunch included)