Disaster Response

“I knew that [West Ohio’s disaster case managers]…would provide hope in survivors’ darkest hours. I will hold them all in my heart with gratitude for the courage and caring they showed…and the clear strength of a partnership. May God continue to use the communal work we can do when we expand our reach to embrace all.” – Christy Smith, UMCOR Disaster Consultant

When a disaster strikes, whether in Ohio or across the nation, The West Ohio Conference is ready to respond – with volunteers, financial support, case management, and most importantly, the compassion of Jesus Christ. Early Response Teams  serve in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, while Mission Volunteers provide long-term support. United Methodists are often some of the first to respond to disasters, as well as those who stay until the recovery process is complete. Donations given to Disaster Response are used for everything from construction materials to hiring case managers. West Ohio also offers disaster readiness training so churches can be prepared to react or assist during a disaster. In addition, the United Methodist Committee on Relief provides disaster response and long-term relief on a national and global level.

For a list of long-term disaster recovery projects, go to the UMVIM project list and click on the 'Disaster Recovery, Long-Term' tab.