Worship Design Enhancement
“Traction Tracks” are specific training/resourcing/coaching/implementation components developed within West Ohio’s Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI), now available in individual short courses for churches of any size and setting.

Worship Design Enhancement 

Every church wants to create more powerful, disciple-making worship. In a time when attendance patterns are shifting, and membership is in decline, creating deep, meaningful worship is more important than ever. But how can long established and new churches alike get traction in this present time? Collaboration and creativity can make an enormous difference in how effective worship can be on a weekly basis. Churches of all sizes, worship styles and means can achieve traction in worship - traction that drives participants deeper in their personal faith development, and toward missional action in the world.

Join MCCI worship enhancement prescription coach, author, and speaker Jason Moore for an intensive three-session Traction Track that will give you everything you need to achieve the traction you seek in the area of worship.

Session Dates:

  • Saturday, April 7, 2018
  • Saturday, May 12, 2018
  • Saturday, June 16, 2018

Requirements:  Pastor plus 3 worship team members are required to attend all three sessions - Saturday, April 7, Saturday, May 12, and Saturday, June 16, from 9:00am-3:00pm

Session 1

Session 1 of the Traction Track will be a day of learning and hand-on application. You and your team will learn best practices to craft a more creative, cohesive, action-oriented (missional) worship experience. You'll also learn how to form a worship design team, or perfect the one that you already have.

From there, you'll split off with your team to participate in a guided hands-on worship design “retreat" format. This will allow you and your team to experience and apply the learnings of the morning session. As your team engages in brainstorming, Jason (or one of the Traction Track mentors) will sit in and help you navigate the sticking points in real time. You'll leave with a basic foundation for a future worship series.

Using learnings from Session 1, you and your team will be assigned the task of completing your series design, including finding music selections, writing creative spoken word pieces, curating media (if applicable) and more. Each church will have coaching calls scheduled with Jason (or a mentor) during this period.

Session 2

Session 2 will be a time of review and gathering to present your plans to the cohort of churches you learned with in Session 1. Worship series will be further refined and perfected, to get everything in tip top shape.

From there, your own team will execute the series back at your church, being mindful of what worked and what could have worked better.

Session 3

Session 3 will be a time of sharing, review and debrief. Each church in the Traction Track will share their wins, losses and learnings with the intent to further perfect their series.

Best of all, every church in this Traction Track will have access to every series and all of the resources designed by the other churches in this Traction Track. This includes graphics and other artwork designed under the direction of (and assistance from) Jason.

This Traction Track can accommodate up to 12 church teams, which means every participating church will go home with their series and 11 others. A whole year's worth of worship!


$50 per person; includes lunch

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