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Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Updates

  • Many of you are making plans to say good bye to your pastor and to welcome a new pastor.  Please make sure your new pastor is covered under workers’ compensation.  For the clergy leaving your church, a U-117 form needs completed to remove the clergy person from being listed under your church.  To get the new clergy listed under your policy, a U-3s form needs to be filled out.  Both forms can be completed on-line at if you have an on-line account.  You can also print and complete the forms then mail them to address listed on the form.
  • Reminder:  each church with a workers’ compensation policy will be receiving a “true-up” form sometime in the month of May.  This form MUST be completed by every church, regardless of your payroll.  In July, you will receive a bill that covers July 1, 2018 thru June 30, 2019. 
  • As always, our Third-Party Administrator, Comp Management (800-825-6755), is available to assist with questions or concerns about workers’ compensation. 

Recommendation #15 from Annual Conference 2008 - Conference Wide Worker's Compensation Group

Worker's Comp Quick Reference Guide if your church has a pastoral change.

There are 2 ways to take care of cleaning up those showing under elective coverage.

  1. Fill out the form attached to your letter with the best cancelation date you can find
  1. Fill out attached worksheet to cancel coverage for those who need to be canceled
  2. Fill out a U-117 form to cancel all who should not be on the policy.
  3. Submit an application for elective coverage (U-3S) to add the pastor/pastors that need to be added
  1. Set up an on-line password at and cancel all who should not be covered.
  1. In order to set up an on-line account, you must have your policy number and your ein number. 
  2. Once  you get your sign-on, go to and sign on
  3. Click on employers
  4. Looking under policy information, click on Demographic information
  5. Enter your policy number and click next
  6. Clck the Elective Coverage link at the bottom of the page.
  7. Cancel all you need to cancel
  8. Add the pastor/pastors you need to add
  9. Look under the forms tab for U-117
  10. U-117 must also be completed to make sure all the pastors are taken off of your policy
  11. You will receive a confirmation from Ohio BWC after all the changes are made.

Any time a pastor moves, you need to cancel them off your elective coverage, fill out the U-117 Form and add the new pastor with the U-3 Form.

Churches in Workers' Compensation Group as of July 2016

OSHAA poster to be displayed in every location

Updated information from Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation as of December, 2017

Information on new law, effective July 1, 2017 involving car accidents on company time

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