West Ohio Conference Copyright Licensing Policy

The West Ohio Conference makes every effort to abide by all copyright licensing laws. The West Ohio Conference licensing currently in place covers activities sponsored by the West Ohio Conference, our eight district offices and three West Ohio camps. The West Ohio Conference holds annual licenses with CCLI, CVLI, CCS and obtains additional licensing as appropriate on a case-by-case basis during our work. 

Individual churches are NOT covered by conference licensing, and each individual church is expected to obtain all appropriate licensing for their ministry setting.  To that end we have provided online resources for churches. 

As Christians, we believe it is our duty to live our lives and conduct our ministry in accordance with God’s directive to honor the laws of our land. The Lord provides us with a wealth of musicians, composers, writers and artists who share their God-given talents with us so that, through the use of their copyrighted works, we can honor Him as we share the message of our faith.

Copyright Compliance is one area of responsibility for which we must be ever-vigilant. With that in mind, we have adopted the following Copyright Compliance Policy:

  1. As a church body, we will maintain proper licensing.
  2. We will never violate explicit or implied copyright laws.
  3. Where we have a question, we will ask for guidance and obtain understanding before moving forward with the use of copyrighted materials.
  4. We will not limit the Spirit’s direction in growing and developing our  ministry out of fear of copyright concerns. Instead, we will seek to understand the necessary issues so that we can move forward in full compliance.
  5. We believe that, as we seek to honor the Lord in this way, our ministry will be blessed.

Please address any of your questions to Kay Panovec, 614-844-6200 x229