What would it look like if you were at your absolute best? Have you ever asked yourself that question? What would your family or your congregation say if you were in top shape spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically? Think about what could be accomplished for the Kingdom. Think about those lives that would be changed. Now, just for a moment, think about yourself.
The best gift you can give your congregation is a healthy you! When you are at your best spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically, obstacles become opportunities, courage replaces fear. The West Ohio Conference wants to partner with you by highlighting a program designed to strengthen your physical health.
The Conference has paired with Wellworks to increase physical awareness through a voluntary wellness program. This program has one step…a biometric screening. Why should you get a screening? That can best be answered in one word, prevention. By seeing your doctor on a consistent basis, risk factors that could lead to future health problems can be identified and managed. If you need more than one word to answer the “why” question, how about saving money, strengthening your relationship with your doctor and receiving a $100 incentive! Spouses on the health plan are also eligible which means a family can receive up to $200.
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