Week 2/Chapter 2: Grace that Embraces


Key Verse 

James, Cephas, and John, who are considered to be key leaders, shook hands with me and Barnabas as equals when they recognized the grace that was given to me. So it was agreed that we would go to the Gentiles, while they continue to go to the people who were circumcised. They asked only that we would remember the poor, which was certainly something I was willing to do. — Galatians 2:9-10 (CEB)

Key Concept

When we recognize the grace of God given to others, even in our differences, we are able to continue and expand our ministry reach. When we recognize it is God who acts, we are invited to respond. 

Resources for this week include

  • Worship Helps: This resource includes traditional and contemporary elements for worship such as calls to worship, prayers, music suggestion, and an Eastertide worship symbol.
  • Sermon Seeds: Background on the text, theological reflection, and suggestions for life application are provided for those who are preaching on Galatians 2 this Sunday.
  • Bible Study Overview and Discussion Questions: Small groups are invited to read a short overview of Galatians 2 and discuss these questions as they reflect on “Grace that Embraces.”
  • Children’s Curriculum: This material is designed for elementary children (K-5th) to learn about how God’s grace embraces. It can be used for Sunday school or a mid-week gathering.