Team Leader Forms

TEAM LEADER - First  register your team on the North Central Jurisdiction website. This allows us to include your team in our reporting to the General Board of Global Ministries at the end of the year. 

General Guidelines for Team Leaders

VIM Guidelines: The West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church strongly encourages everyone planning a mission team to adhere to these guidelines. 


Important Downloads for VIM Teams traveling to Mexico:

Financial Forms

If you are using the West Ohio Conference as the fiduciary agent for your VIM team, the forms below should be used. If requests for payment are received by noon on Monday, checks are cut on Wednesday and mailed on Thursday.

Please send all requests to mgrace [at] (Mariellyn Grace), 32 Wesley Blvd, Worthington OH 43085;  West Ohio liability insurance is extended to all teams who use the conference as the fiduciary agent. Insurance for rental vehicles will also be included under the West Ohio policy as long as they remain within the United States.

The voucher is used to pay a vendor directly. An invoice or receipt is required. Leave the Check #line blank (Conference personnel will fill this in).

Cash Advance Form
This is used to request your cash advance for anticipated expenses during the trip. Please provide a description in the area provided. Do not fill in the Check # line. Upon your return home, you will be required to submit a detailed report of expenses with receipts. You may use the Sample Cash Advance Report for this. Also, consider taking several copies of this Receiptless Receipt, which can be used in countries where receipts may not be available. When submitting your cash advance request, you must also complete a W9, if you have not filed one with the Conference. IRS regulations require West Ohio to have the W9 on file prior to the cash advance being released. Should the detailed report and receipts not be submitted to West Ohio, the cash advance will be considered taxable income per IRS regulations. NOTE: Please do not send original receipts; photocopy all receipts onto letter-size paper and send only the copies with your Cash Advance report.

Reimbursement Form  

Use this form when you need to reimburse anyone for expenses. Receipts are required. If your expense does not fit in one of the categories at the top, use the Miscellaneous Items box.

Deposit Form

Use this form to send with checks to deposit for registration fees and donations for a specific mission trip. Deposits are made on Mondays and Thursdays and the last business day of the month.

Telling the Story of Your Team's Mission

People are inspired by the mission you and your team do. Take the time to write a story sharing why your mission was important to the people you served and to team members. Include a powerful picture. After hearing about the power of your team's mission, others will be encouraged to respond to God's calling, too!

Please submit stories and photos from your team's mission to Mariellyn Grace at mgrace [at]