Taking a Day Off: A Day to be Human

Full time clergy are expected to take one day off a week in addition to their day of Sabbath rest.

What is the difference between a day off and a day of Sabbath rest?

  • REMEMBER: Your day off is NOT the day to
    • Write your sermon
    • Catch up on the work you didn’t do the rest of the week.
    • Do pastoral care visits
    • Check your email

Practical Ideas for a Day Off

  • This is your day to incorporate the “stuff of life.” This might include (i.e. grocery shopping and meal planning, errands, laundry, lawn care, home repairs, pay your bills, etc.)
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Enjoy recreational activities (recess for grown-ups)
  • Enjoy some of your hobbies (i.e. sewing, woodworking, painting)


Clergy are encouraged to use their vacation each year. 
Clergy Vacation Policy