Sparking a Volunteer Revolution Through Catalytic Outreach

“Traction Tracks” are specific training/resourcing/coaching/implementation components developed within West Ohio’s Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI), now available in individual short courses for churches of any size and setting

Sparking a Volunteer Revolution Through Catalytic Outreach

Catalytic events can be great momentum triggers for your church, regardless of the size. Moving from an inward-focused church to an outward-focused movement will not only help you establish a volunteer culture, it will change your community. If the local church is the hope of the world, how can you do your part by being the hands, feet, and heartbeat of Jesus in your community? In this Traction Track, you’ll learn how to create, organize, fund, and execute a community impacting outreach event that will change the way people see your church - both inside and outside the walls.

Host Location

North Broadway UMC, 48 E. North Broadway, Columbus OH 43214

Session Dates

• Wednesday, April 11,  10am-3pm
• Wednesday, May 16, 10am-3pm


$30 per person; includes lunch (Limited to first 30 people)


Pastor plus 2 key volunteers are required to attend both sessions and engage with online work.
Facebook group learning will be part of this Traction Track.

Session 1

Discover the multiple benefits to creating a catalytic outreach event for your church. In this session, we’ll learn how to determine what needs of the church and community could be met with the right catalytic outreach event. We’ll share examples to help stimulate the creative thought process.
Outcome: You will return to your context to determine a need within your community.

Session 2

Preparing to Launch. During this session we will develop the vision for your church’s catalytic event. We will collectively determine a potential and effective catalytic outreach event for your church and community. We will also develop a step by step plan to help guide your implementation for a potential fall or Christmas event.
Outcome: Develop a step-by-step plan to launch a catalytic outreach event in your community.

This Traction Track will be led by MCCI prescription coach and West Ohio Director of New Church Development, Brad Aycock—plus a team of mentors who will help participating churches with implementation guidance.