Serve City

Serve City is an unabashedly Christ-centered nonprofit, dedicated to uplifting their neighbors and community members in Hamilton, Ohio. Through their five main programs, Serve City is constantly working to provide the resources necessary to meet the needs of those in their community.

One of their most popular programs is their Food Pantry, which is fully equipped with walk-in freezers and coolers to provide as much variety as possible for the individuals who come to shop. On average, they serve approximately 12,000 neighbors a year through their food pantry.

Serve City is widely known for its largest programs: the Overnight Shelter, and Move Forward Programs, which help neighbors experiencing homelessness navigate their next steps. At the Overnight Shelter, there are 15 beds which are first come-first, first-served with access to free dinner and lunch. Meals are provided through the Meal Services Program, in which local community members, churches, and other partners provide healthy, hot meals as well as fellowship among community members and those neighbors receiving Serve City’s services. On average, Meal Services typically provides about 35,500 meals each year.

Program participants who are ready for long-term housing can make the commitment to join the Move Forward Program in which neighbors stay in Serve City’s residential shelter for 90-days, and have access to counseling, case management, medical services, spiritual counsel, and more. From there, individuals progress into the next part of the program which is shared living. During residency in Serve City’s shared living apartments, neighbors gain experience living with roommates, and practice financial management skills through the graduated rent system. While residing in the shared living program, individuals continue to work with their case manager, until they feel they are ready to make the move into the final phase of the program: independent living. It is Serve City’s goal to help their neighbors move from homelessness to stability.

Serve City’s fifth program is their Resource Connection service, which helps individuals in the Hamilton community navigate government agencies, court systems, and medical systems. Through Resource Connection, neighbors not only gain access to critical documents like social security cards, birth certificates, and food stamps, but they also are connected to agencies that help survivors of domestic violence, mental health support, etc.