Community-to-Prison Pipeline

The Building Bridges of Opportunity movement focuses its efforts in three areas for dismantling the community-to-prison pipeline – resilient families, healing trauma, and successful reentry. The three areas of focus attack the prison pipeline at its beginning (vulnerable families) and end (unhealthy reentry) as well as a common thread that perpetuates across generations - harm and unsafe communities (unresolved trauma).

The resources below help you develop a robust understanding of the systems, structures, legacies, and aftermaths that conspire to keep certain people groups caught up in disadvantage and harmful social structures.

Featuring social action specialist, Dr. Tia Martinez, this trio of videos provides in-depth analysis on the major cultural shifts, policies, and practices that have conspired to create the community-to-prison pipeline permeating all sectors of our society. These videos were filmed during Dr. Martinez’s Ohio visit in November 2019 for our inaugural Building Bridges of Opportunity events in Mason and Columbus. Below is a PDF Workbook that accompanies the first two videos.

Pandemic Webinars & Podcasts

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Building Bridges collaborative partners have offered webinars and podcasts for navigating and responding to its impact.  The West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church offers several here. For up-to-date and upcoming online opportunities follow the Building Bridges Facebook page.