Recommended Readings

Reading as one way of nurturing both the head and heart is an ongoing process. There are, however, rhythms and cycles of or work and life that create the opportunity to concentrate some of our reading. For some that is Summer. Below is my Summer Reading List. I hope you will pursue it and find one or more of these volumes useful if you have not already read them. Finally, I commend these words to you from John Wesley: “Whether you like it or not, read and pray daily. It is your life.” Enjoy!  +Bishop Gregory V. Palmer

Preaching Truth in the Age of Alternative Facts by William Brosend - Good preaching has always been a challenge, but cultural forces have made the challenge even greater. No longer do most of us agree on a common set of facts. Thanks, in part, to the proliferation of media outlets and the explosion of available entertainment sources, the pulpit has become a tightrope stretched between red and blue, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. But there is a net. This book demonstrates how to proclaim honest, faithful, candid sermons despite social and political disagreements. 


Mornings With Bonhoeffer, 100 Reflections on the Christian Life by Donald K. McKim - The man who lived his life as a pastor, a theologian, and a Nazi dissident continues to inspire us through his true insights to the faith that sustained and redeemed him. In this book Donald K. McKim pairs short excerpts from Bonhoeffer’s letters and passages from his sermons with devotions that offer timeless and moving reminders of God’s love for humanity. Not only will you be inspired by these daily reflections, you’ll discover a heartrending portrait of Bonhoeffer and an inside look at the imperfect man behind the saintly image.


We Pray With Her, Encouragement for All Women Who Lead by Emily Peck-McClain, Danyelle Trexler, Shannon Sullivan, J. Paige Boyer and Jen Tyler – The journeys of female leaders are littered with obstacles and pitfalls unique to their gender. But they do not need to walk through life alone; they need to support and encourage each other as they forge ahead in their work to leave a positive mark on the world. This book is a collection of inspiring devotionals written by the women who formed the grassroots movement of the same name. Whether you’re a woman leader or an aspiring leader looking for personal inspiration, or a woman who wants to support her sisters in Christ, you’ll find a home within these pages.


Home for Christmas, Tales of Hope and Second Chances by Justin Coleman - Even during hard times, the light of Christmas shines brightly. This book shares the real-life stories of formerly incarcerated men and women as they find work and opportunity through Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California. As we hear about their struggles, we recognize the Advent themes of hope, love, and peace in their lives. This four-session book is ideal for Sunday school, small groups, and home groups as well as for individual study. A comprehensive Leader Guide, a DVD featuring author and pastor Justin Coleman, and a youth resource are available to purchase separately to help you make the most of this special Advent study.