Recommended Readings
Greetings Friends! I know your personal time is precious. However, you will find below a list of books that I highly recommend that you take the time to read. As you do, please feel free to share my recommendations with your fellow colleagues, family and friends.
+Bishop Gregory V. Palmer
  Brand Luther: How an Unheralded Monk Turned His Small Town into a Center of Publishing, Made Himself the Most Famous Man in Europe--and Started the Protestant Reformation by Andrew Pettegree - Publishing in advance of the Reformation's 500th anniversary, Luther fuses the history of religion, of printing, and of capitalism--the literal marketplace of ideas--into one enthralling story, revolutionizing our understanding of one of the pivotal figures and eras in human history. Pettegree illustrates Luther's great gifts not simply as a theologian, but as a communicator, indeed, as the world's first mass-media figure, its first brand.
  Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet by Lyndal Roper - A distinguished historian of early modern Europe, Roper looks deep inside the heart of this singularly complex figure. By bringing us closer than ever to the man himself, she opens up a new vision of the Reformation and the world it created and draws a fully three-dimensional portrait of its founder. This definitive biography reveals the complicated inner life of the founding father of the Protestant Reformation, whose intellectual assault on Catholicism ushered in a century of upheaval that transformed Christianity and changed the course of world history.
  Bid Our Jarring Conflicts Cease: A Wesleyan Theology and Praxis of Church Unity by David Field - This book: 1) examines and interprets John Wesley's key sermons "Catholic Spirit," "A Caution against Bigotry," and "On Schism" in relation to his other writings and the integrating theme of holiness; 2) understands that Wesley's interpretation of holiness is shaped by eighteenth-century understandings of the human person; and 3)relates this constructive stance of holiness and diversity to the debates around human sexuality and presents it as an opportunity to go forward with a greater love.
  The New Urban Crisis: How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality, Deepening Segregation and Failing the Middle Class – and What We Can Do About It by Richard Florida - A bracingly original work of research and analysis, this book offers a compelling diagnosis of our economic ills and a bold prescription for more inclusive cities capable of ensuring growth and prosperity for all.  Florida demonstrates how the same forces that power the growth of the world's superstar cities also generate their vexing challenges: gentrification, unaffordability, segregation, and inequality.
  The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves by the Arbinger Institute - Unknowingly, too many of us operate from an inward mindset—a narrow-minded focus on self-centered goals and objectives. Through true stories and simple yet profound guidance and tools, The Outward Mindset enables individuals and organizations to make the one change that most dramatically improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation—a shift to an outward mindset.