Ohio River Valley District Mission Foundation Board of Directors

The following people were nominated by the Ohio River Valley District and elected to serve on the Mission Foundation Board of Directors. Please note that only those with an * before their name were up for election. Other members are shown for information only.

Class of 2022
Name Lay/Clergy Male/Female Race/Ethnicity
William Callery Lay Male African American
Mark Damschroder Clergy Male Anglo
Carrie Jena Clergy Female Anglo
Alex Keller Lay Male Anglo
*Art Sparks Lay Male Anglo
Class of 2023
Name Lay/Clergy Male/Female Race/Ethnicity
Angel Crowell Clergy Female Anglo
Galen Mills Lay Male Anglo
Kathye Lewis Norman Lay Female African American
Lee Strawhun Clergy Male Anglo
*Cheryl Parker Lay Female African American
Class of 2024
Name Lay/Clergy Male/Female Race/Ethnicity
Brian Choi Clergy Male Asian
Kalamba Kilumba Clergy Male Black/African
William Smith Lay Male Anglo
*Karen Brentley Clergy Female African American
*Amy Gath Lay Female Anglo
*Rachel Henry Lay Female Anglo
Class of 2025
Name Lay/Clergy Male/Female Race/Ethnicity
Ed Groff Clergy Male Anglo
*Tammy Bonner Lay Female African American
*Randy Riley Lay Male Anglo
*Leslie Hall Lay Male African American
*Angela Sherer Clergy  Female Anglo

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