Is Your Church Ready for Ministry?

Safe Sanctuaries might seem overwhelming and a bottleneck to doing ministry. In reality, Safe Sanctuaries provides the boundaries to do ministry with excellence and safety in mind. Can you imagine if football players did not wear any protective gear? We never question the need for a helmet and pads for all ages of football players. I believe that Safe Sanctuaries is a vital part of the safety gear that is needed to keep our children, youth and vulnerable adults — and the people who work with them — safe. All it takes is one accusation to cause tremendous harm. 

It can feel administratively heavy to get everything set up and begin the process, but it really should not stop us from doing the vital ministry that Jesus has called each of us to. If you feel that Safe Sanctuaries is limiting your ability to do ministry, then I want to challenge you to reach out to a Safe Sanctuaries trainer in your area and ask for help in making your policy work for your church. Safe Sanctuaries provides the boundaries and best practices to keep all of God’s children safe from harm. 

Together we can find creative, innovative, and practical ways to do the amazing work of making disciples for the transformation of the world that also fulfills the requirements of Safe Sanctuaries. Click below for more information or contact by emailing SafeSanctauries [at]

Rev. Matt Overman serves at Grand Lake UMC in Celina, Ohio, and is passionate about seeing all of God's children fall in love with Jesus in innovative ways. Matt is married to his best friend, Beth, and they are blessed with four, two-legged children and two, four-legged children. 
Correction: Last week’s Safe Sanctuaries article was written by Wendy Lybarger, Regional Missional Specialist.

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