Wings of the Morning Helps Bring Peace

Wings of the Morning, the United Methodist aviation ministry in North Katanga, has been called into service to assist peace negotiations in a strife-ridden area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

The governor of the DRC's Tanganyika province called Gaston Ntambo Nkulu, missionary pilot, for assistance early in March this year. The Cessna Caravan that Ntambo flies is a unique size, big enough to carry a government delegation, yet small enough to land on a dirt airstrip. The leaders were flown in to negotiate a peace agreement among the Luba people and the Twa people, whose relationship has erupted into armed conflict off and on over the last seven years. 

So far the peace has held, and part of the delegation continues to negotiate a long-term solution to the stand-off. Click here to read more.