West Ohio Board of Pensions Releases Health Coverage Plan

After a thorough insurance renewal sesson, and in consultation with our broker McGohan Brabender, the Board of Pensions has finalized the insurance plan and rates for 2022. Open enrollment is

November 1 through 19. Below are the major highlights:

  • A move to a richer dental plan which will not only cover cleanings and screenings, but a percentage of basic and major dental services up to a $1,000 annual maximum. Additional details will be coming soon. This is in direct response to the feedback we received from the wellness survey conducted last May!
  • Deductibles will remain at $3,500 single and $7,000 family with the plan covering 100% after deductible is met.
  • First dollar HSA support will remain at $1,000 single and $2,000 family.
  • Anthem, Delta Dental and VSP will continue to be our carriers.
  • We continue to move our premium cost share between the church and participant to better align with industry standards. That means church premiums will remain flat and participant premiums will slightly increase. Click here for the 2022 rates at the bottom of the page. Even with these changes, participants are on average covering only 10% of their total plan cost.
  • For those that may be considering retirement in 2022, click here for HRA information and rates listed at the bottom of the page.

Please contact Drew Leinberger at DLeinberger [at] for enrollment information or to make a change in coverage. In addition, a webcast that will review our plans and highlight changes is currently being developed and will be made available when completed.