Want to Participate in the Galatians Study Individually?

How can individuals participate in Galatians: Gospel of Grace? Just as churches are invited to join in worship and small group study as part of the Conference series, Galatians: Gospel of Grace, individuals are invited to engage in personal devotional study of Galatians during the weeks between Easter and Pentecost. Individuals can sign-up for the daily reading plan and weekly podcasts on Galatians: Gospel of Grace shared through the website TransformingMission.org. District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Timothy Bias and Rev. Dr. Sara Thomas, serving the Capitol Area South District, host the Transforming Mission website offering resources to help you deepen your relationship with Christ, the congregation, and your local community. Every week they offer a podcast and resources to help local churches lead a movement of Jesus followers. As a part of the Annual Conference series, their daily reading plan and podcasts from April 22 through June 2 will focus on Galatians: Gospel of Grace. You can sign up for podcasts here or for the Galatians study materials here.