Virtual Laity Discernment Retreat offers practical & spiritual tools

Do you feel God's call on your life but are uncertain how to discern that call or what to do next? If so, then the Laity Discernment Retreat is for you! At the retreat, we will talk about call, discernment and what it means to be "called by our baptism."

Participants will learn ways to intentionally enter into a time of prayer about discernment and will discover Spiritual Rhythms that can help guide their journey. We will also discuss the variety of ways laity can serve both in our churches and in our communities. If travel has been a barrier in the past, now is the time to attend!

Each virtual retreat will consist of two, two-hour ZOOM sessions, followed six weeks later by a two-hour ZOOM debriefing. In the six weeks between sessions, there will be opportunities to read, reflect, and practice Spiritual Rhythms that will lead you to a better understanding of your own call.

Cost is $10 per person, and the first session starts on January 12.

Click here for more information or to register.