United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP)

By now, you would have received a letter from Wespath if you contributed at least 3% of your compensation (before taxes) to the UMPIP 403B plan, explaining the 1% annual automatic escalation feature.

Please find Q&As below to assist you with navigating your UMPIP personal contributions and the automatic escalation feature:

How the Automatic Contribution Escalation Works:

The escalation feature will automatically increase your contribution by 1 percent each January until it reaches 10% of your compensation unless you choose to opt out by submitting a Contribution Election Form. 

What if I do not contribute by a certain percentage but a specific dollar amount? 

  • Then the dollar amount will remain in effect until you change them by submitting a new Contribution Election Form.

What If I Want to Add or Stop the Automatic Escalation or Change my Contribution Amount?

  • Click here: umpip election form to complete the Contribution Election Form and pay special attention to Part 2. 
  • Follow the directions for submitting your election form to Wespath and a copy to your payroll or salary-paying unit:
  • Local Churches – Treasures should sign the form as the plan sponsor and keep a copy for payroll processing. Send the original form to Wespath directly. 
  • Conference and District Offices – Send them to the Conference Benefits Office who will coordinate with Payroll and keep a copy for your records.

For questions, contact Wespath at: 1-800-851-2201.