United Methodist June Prayer Focus - Racism

Each month, The West Ohio Conference joins together in praying for the ministries of The United Methodist Church. In June, we pray for all people affected by the realities of racism.

Racism is not dead.

In fact, racism is an everyday reality. Often this racism goes unnoticed, like the Black child who is never considered for the gifted program at school or the White woman who crosses the street when she sees a Black man walking towards her. Much of the time, racism only becomes apparent when something truly hideous happens - such as the recent killing of George Floyd. (And Ahmaud Arbery. And Breonna Taylor. And the list goes on.)

But these are not random, isolated, unrelated acts - they are the symptoms of systemic, widespread racism that still grips our country today. The racism that began during the days of slavery has reinvented itself time and again - through Jim Crow laws, then mass incarceration, and now in the killing of People of Color - not to mention the disproportionate number of Black and Brown lives being taken by COVID-19.

Racism is not dead. And none of us should be ok with that. To learn how you can pray for and about racism, click here.