United Methodist Insurance Seeks to Improve its Services

United Methodist Insurance (UMI) and its partner, AmVenture Insurance Agency, Inc. (AmVenture), are working together to provide more competitive pricing and enhanced coverage for United Methodist churches and other related properties. Unfortunately, those UMI clients with renewal dates in January 2019 were not given much time to take actions necessary to implement their new policies. Because of this, UMI has received a number of questions, and some properties have been forced to seek other insurance coverage. AmVenture and UMI will be connecting with carriers in coming months to find partner insurers that will offer competitive pricing, assure there is a clear understanding of next steps, listen to concerns about coverage, and develop processes that benefit the properties. Current and potential customers of UMI that will renew and begin coverage in coming months can reach AmVenture at 866-203-0777, or unitedmethodistinsurance [at]