UMCOR Working to Alleviate Suffering of Refugees and Migrants


There are approximately 1 billion migrants worldwide. 60 million are forcibly displaced. 25 million are registered refugees. At least 25 million people are known to be trafficked, and over 10 million have become stateless people, meaning they do not have a nationality ofany country. Migration flows are part of the world as we know it today. Migration is not going away. UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, is working to alleviate the suffering of refugees and migrants all over the world.

How we choose to work with refugees and migrants will be a key challenge in the years ahead. Will we adhere to our biblical mandate to truly welcome the stranger? Might the church be transformed into something greater? Will the church be bold enough to proclaim that there is room for all in the Inn? Resources are available to help your congregation understand this important work. (Read more...)