UMCOR Update on 2017 Donations

As many are aware, 2017 has been historic in the amount of hurricane damage experienced by the United States and the Caribbean. Over $40 million is available to UMCOR for hurricane and disaster relief, with more than $7 million of it already distributed for immediate recovery needs. The recovery from Irma, Harvey and Maria will take years, requiring significant financial resources to help families and communities be fully restored, so the disbursement of funds will continue well into the future. UMCOR’s niche in the U.S. disaster recovery community is case management, so much of UMCOR’s ongoing work will be focused in that area. Here is what has been disbursed for hurricane relief so far:

Hurricane            $ Amount           # of Cleaning Kits             # of Hygiene Kits
Harvey                 $2.3 million                12,050                                      5,469
Irma                      $1 million                    5,616                                        2,688
Maria                   $3.8 million                 6,732                                        32,256

In addition, more than $100,000 has been provided for communities recovering from wildfires in California, and more will be needed as fires continue to destroy homes and businesses.

Over $5 million was also awarded in grants for continuing recovery from past natural disasters. Oftentimes, full recovery can take years or decades, and UMCOR stays in communities until the work is done.

Thank you, West Ohio, for your generosity in donating money, kits, and time to help those in need!

For a full list of UMCOR-approved grants for the Fall of 2017, see the attachment below.