Trafficking Survivor Offers Training To Churches

Human trafficking is a modern-day reality for at least 20 million people who have been forced into slavery across this country and around the world. Here in West Ohio, Dr. Marlene Carson, a survivor of domestic minor sex trafficking, has decided to do something about it.

From 2008-2016, Marlene founded and ran Rahab’s Hideaway, a non-profit that provided housing for trafficking survivors. She later created The Switch Anti-Trafficking Network, which offers wraparound services for victims, including education, awareness, and entrepreneurship/employment opportunities. The Switch has trained thousands of volunteers nationwide in how to identify and respond to human trafficking.

Now, Marlene wants to offer this training, free of charge, to United Methodist churches across The West Ohio Conference. All she asks for in return is space – office space in local churches where Switch volunteers can resource the local community around the issue of human trafficking.

“The United Methodist Church created for me a safe place – a loving, non-judgmental environment where I learned how to be a leader,” Marlene says. “The United Methodist Church accepted me, flaws and all. Now we, the leaders of The Switch, can give back to the UMC.”

Churches that are interested in partnering with The Switch to provide training to church members and resources for their local community can contact Marlene at 614-800-4039. Churches can also use The Switch’s catering company, which employs trafficking survivors, for their next event by calling the same number. For more information on The Switch, go to